Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Illustration for Baby Hope

(Click image to see a larger version)
Just wanted to share a scan of the illustration I did for Baby Hope (see previous post for the latest photos of that sweet little beauty). Each of the characters/designs in the illustration correspond with a letter in her name. I've done this type of design before and it is so much fun to do (especially thinking up the items to draw for each letter)! I did this on an 11"x 14" piece of illustration board using pen and ink and colored pencil. We had it framed in a creamy white shabby-style frame and it now hangs in Hope's bedroom. (I completely forgot to take a photo of it framed...of well) Since I have a good scan of the image, I can also head over to Cafepress and put it on a little baby t-shirt, a bib, a mousepad, a mug, etc - oh the possibilities!
Ain't being a grandma fun!!


  1. I have always wanted to get some like this for my boys. Adorable!!!

    You win, by the way:

  2. You have a very cute style which I'm sure kids absolutely love. Sweet grandbaby.

  3. A captivating pic - lovely to have on the wall!


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