Monday, October 29, 2007

Cool Stuff Coming...

I hate it when I'm too busy to blog and all the good stuff that is going on is PERFECT for blogging about but I can't stop long enough to take pictures and share it with you - argh...

Please bear with me for about another day or so and I will have PLENTY to share. Here's just a sampling of what's coming up in the next days and weeks:
  • The BEST Treasure Hunting weekend ever - it'll take a couple of hours just to take photos!! Lets just say that it was a perfect storm of the twice annual Woodlands Flea Market and finding an estate sale where the person was a collector - and his kids wanted everything gone....TONS of great bargains!!!

  • February and October on my illustration calendar will be revealed this week!!!

  • New Illustration Friday submission to share...

  • New photos of the kids, including Baby Hope of course - too cute!!

  • Makeover Monday - this is a great project!!

  • Workspace MeMe - photos of where I create

  • A Christmas Gift-Guide for Handcrafted goodies!!

  • And TaDa - my first ever give-away is coming up SOON!!!
Thanks for your patience as I continue to create like crazy in the background, work my day job, and be a newlywed....I'm having a blast!!! I am SO GRATEFUL for your kind comments and blog love shared 'round - what a lovely community of people - y'all are the BEST!!

HUGS to you all - see you REAL soon!!

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