Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Hope-lessly Addicted!

Yep - I am one Hope-lessly addicted Grandma!! :o) Mommy Jill just sent new photos of Princess Hope in her LSU cheerleader outfit!! Too cute!! So I played around with the image and made this little cheerleader layout- fun!!
I am also now hopelessly addicted to LSU football - (we're the number one team in the nation!! ) Not only are all the kids big fans (living just 20 minutes from Baton Rouge), but John's 2nd daughter Tanya is a senior there. Sooooo - Geaux (that's Cajun for "go") Tigers!!!!


  1. those sparkles in the yellow background look awesome

  2. Becky
    you should look into licensing your work for scrapbooking.
    The baby is adorable.

  3. Anonymous9:49 PM

    That baby is beautiful! Just visiting some new to me blogs and I had to tell you how sweet she looks! :-)



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