Monday, October 22, 2007

2008 Calendar Sneak Peek!

I think, just maybe, for 2008 I'll actually finish creating artwork for a calendar. I've been sketching and dreaming of and planning a calendar for forever - the photo below shows just a few of my calendar ideas sketches from the last couple of years - I pulled all of them out a while back and looked through all the old ideas, sketched some new ideas, and finally decided on a format, theme, style, etc....

And here is the finished art for January...

(click image to enlarge)

The calendar will be called "Words of Encouragement", and each month will feature a key word, like "comfort", "faith", "laughter", etc, and will have a Scripture verse and design to illustrate that word. I will be creating the artwork digitally using Painter, and it will be a sort of blended style between my whimsical "cut-out" look and my more painterly, realistic rendering. The plan is to self-publish these designs in a calendar format using CafePress and give some as Christmas gifts as well as offer them for sale at my CafePress store - then I plan to send some out to art directors as a promotional piece... I just hope I can actually follow through this time and finish these designs by mid-December... God-willing, I will do just that.

So, if I occasionally skip an Illustration Friday or don't post for a few days, please know that I am likely painting away on June's "Joy" theme or September's "Splendor" perhaps. I do plan to share my progress from time to time as well as a few more finished designs, but hey, I don't want to spoil all the surprises...

Here's to 2008 being a very good year!!


  1. That would be a lot of fun to design a calendar. Let us know if it comes to be and we'll look for it!

  2. How wonderful this is.....we want to encourage are so talented and January is wonderful! Seriously.....we want to see the whole year!

    smiles, kari and kijsa

  3. Anonymous10:40 PM

    That is a wonderful calendar and a wonderful idea as gifts! It's just beautiful!

  4. Best of luck with your calendar project :)

  5. I am very excited about your calendar project, I love your work and I can't wait to purchase you calendar.

  6. Anonymous11:05 AM

    Beautiful January page... love it! Look forward to seeing more. I do understand how it is to have to divide your time and take a break from one good thing in order to do another! Bless you.

  7. wonderful color choices! (browns with pink and blue.) All the little details add a lot to it too. Good design

  8. I love the colors. It's the perfect patchwork for January!

  9. becky, your calendar is going to be so awesome...a true reflection of you!!! and a great way to showcase your art style.



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