Thursday, January 31, 2008

Under the weather...

...way under, unfortunately. Whatever this highly virulent strain of yuckiness is, it already gave my Mom walking pneumonia and knocked me on my back so fast it made my head spin. But, I think I will live. I will return to the planned blog activities just as soon as I'm feeling a bit better. Unfortunately, we had to cancel the Canton trip (boo hoo) , but we will attempt to go next month. I have to say, I have the most wonderful husband in the world - not only has he taken care of me, but he has taken care of running errands and helping my Mom and Dad as she is so sick and my Dad doesn't drive. He's truly wonderful - what a blessing!! And so far, he hasn't picked up this hideous bug - thank goodness!

I miss you guys when I can't sit here at the computer and look endlessly at your wonderful blogs - I'm looking forward to when I can get back to that. You all mean more to me than you'll ever know...

The Scripture above says it really well:

"Your love has given me great joy and encouragement." Philemon 7

See you soon friends...

Friday, January 25, 2008

Well, on this past Wednesday, 7 months to the day after I officially became "Becky Schultea", I finally launched my new portfolio website:! The banner above is new (made to coordinate with the Just Bee 'n Me banner) and the whole site is fresh and new with lots of new art in the portfolio section, and an "About Becky" section which I did not have before.'s sooo good to get this done!

I always appreciate you guys coming by - warms my heart every time!! Thank you SO MUCH!! There's lots more planned for the blog over the next few days and weeks - here's a preview:

  • Reveal my 10,000th Just Bee 'n Me visitor (actually the site that referred them). I'm surprising them with a Calendar!! (ps, I've only been tracking site visitors since August '07 - I wish I had stats going back much farther - oh well, this is still a fun milestone to celebrate)

  • Unveil New Blog Award: I'm going to start a new blog award (the name of the award is a surprise) and reveal the award criteria, the image, and the first 5 recipients - fun!!

  • Share Brand New Blog Buddies: I LOVE finding new blogging buddies and I want to establish a regular day each week to formally introduce you to some of my new pals who are sure to inspire and delight you too!

  • Way-Back Wednesdays: It'll be nostalgia time around here on Wednesdays - whether it's vintage family photos, retro greeting cards, my old report cards, flashback-fashions, scans of my old artwork, or whatever I can pull out of the way-back machine that I think will be interesting. I'll also be inviting you to play along so we can lament the loss of innocence or laugh at the ludicrous looks of yesterday together.

  • Road Trip to Canton! Hubby and I and sweet little Maddie are heading up the road to "First Monday Trade Days" in Canton Texas next weekend - I'm SO EXCITED!! It's one of the largest Flea Markets in the nation and has everything you can possibly imagine for sale. I am looking forward to picking up some vintage goodies, but more importantly, I'll be trend-watching to get a good read on 2008 colors, styles and other ideas. Yeah!! I'll have lots of photos to share!!

  • Much, much more...

I hope you'll visit regularly, hang around for a while, and leave encouragements from time to time - I appreciate y'all more than you'll ever know! And by the way, I will be making the rounds to your blogs more regularly and leaving encouragements more often, I promise. I miss it when I don't regularly know what's happening in your neck of the woods...

Ain't the Internet grand?

Monday, January 21, 2008

"My dog ate my blog"

Being a mommy to a new puppy has been SO VERY fun - but it is also quite time consuming and challenging at times even - you won't hear me complaining though - just look at that SWEET face!!! It's all SO worth it!! Maddie is PURE JOY to hubby and I. But, things like blogs, and illustrating, and creative activities all have to wait their turn when puppy-raising takes precedence. But you know what - that's OK, because I wouldn't trade anything for this...

'nuff said... :o)

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Illustration Friday: 100%

(click image to see detail)

Well, I am very happy to be back participating in Illustration Friday after a lengthy hiatus while I finished my 2008 Calendar (it's finally done, yay!!). I'm just getting this one in under the wire, but I had the idea and wanted to see it through. This was a fun topic - one that made you go "hmmm". I settled upon the 100% Texan theme as I'm reflecting on the 2 year anniversary of my return to my home state after living 8 years in Colorado. I LOVED Colorado and miss it there - particularly the climate and my friends, BUT, as Dorothy says "there's no place like home", and I wanted to celebrate that just a bit with this silly little salute to the Lone Star State. Enjoy!

And if any of y'all are ever in Texas, be sure and drop by and say "howdy", ya hear!! :o)

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

And the Giveaway Goes To...

From My Cherry Heart

I am thrilled to announce that sweet Dolly at From My Cherry Heart was the winner of my first ever Just Bee 'n Me "Happy New Year Giveaway"!!! Congratulations Dolly!! If you don't know Dolly, I suggest that you head over to her place where you will delight in all manner of collage and hand-painted creativity, family fun, culinary masterpieces, junkin' treasures, swap-till-you-drop goodness and so much more!! I also invite you to check out Dolly's Etsy Shop, the Cherry Heart Boutique, just launched this past fall....

Sample of Dolly's Collage work

Here's a bit more about Dolly, this wife of 1, mom of 3, and grandma of 4 in her own words from her profile:

"Our Lord and my family are the loves of my life! I have a passion for vintage, victorian, shabby and roses! I absolutely love finding a new life for old things... I love searching flea markets, antique shops, estate sales and yard sales in search of treasures... I Love PINK & Roses & Jadite & Linens & Lace & Cherries.... & the list goes on and on!! {just ask my family} I am just a down to earth old fashion kinda gal!"

Please stop by and say "Hi" and "Congratulations" to Dolly - you are always most welcome there - I know I have been...

Culinary Goodness at Dolly's


And a big THANK YOU to all who took part in this giveaway - it has been so heartwarming to see you and to meet you - many of you for the very first time! I am still making it around to thank everyone personally and to let you know how grateful I am for your participation. Meanwhile, whether we're old blog buddies or brand new pals, please know that I already treasure each of you and have enjoyed browsing your sites, reading your musings, and admiring your creativity - and I look forward to many more opportunities to share and rejoice together!!

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Hurry - Last Chance for Giveaway!!

Just a quick, friendly reminder for you sweet folks to hurry over to my post below for one last chance to win my first ever "Happy New Year Giveaway!" which includes a copy of my 2008 Scripture Calendar. (Deadline is 10:00 pm CST tonight, the 8th) I want to thank all the wonderful people that have signed up so far, many of whom this is our first opportunity to meet - (I just love making new friends!) Please bear with me as I try my best to personally come by your place and say hi over the next day or so... And a special thanks also to those of you who have added a link to this giveaway to their blogs - I really appreciate that!!!
I just love the warm, friendly, smart, funny, sweet folks out here in Blogland - how wonderful that we can connect and share in such a special way - all around the world. Tres Cool...

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

The "Happy New Year Giveaway!" is Here!!

Happy New Year to You All!!!

I am so very pleased to to be hosting my first ever giveaway here at Just Bee 'n Me! I am celebrating not just the beginning of another new year, but the hopeful expectation for a year full of blessing and promise! I am celebrating my new-found friendships right here in the sweet little village called Blogland - wow, I am SO grateful for you all!! I am also marking a special personal milestone for me in that I have finally completed a calendar of my original designs - something I have wanted to do for forever... SO, it's time for a bit of a celebration!! I hope you'll participate, and tell your blog buddies too!!

Here's the haul for the lucky winner
(instructions at the bottom of the post)...

The very first copy of "My Cup Runneth Over" 2008 Calendar

Vintage (1954) Family Circle Dessert Cookbook

English teacup & saucer and vintage embroidered dresser scarf

Bookmark made from my original licensed design for Universal Designs, Inc.

A pair of sweet vintage birdie candle holders

A Mary Englebreit assortment including a journal, stickers, and trinket box

The latest issue of Romantic Country magazine

SO - here's how it works. To be eligible for the drawing, please leave a comment to this and only this post between now and 10:00 pm Central time next Tuesday, January the 8th. When you comment, please be sure to leave an email address or blog link if you have one so I can inform you if you win. I will announce the winner Wednesday morning the 9th. I can't wait!!

I will try to make a banner ad available for the drawing if you'd like to post it on your blog - but meanwhile, please feel free to mention this contest to your readers - I'd really appreciate it!!

PS - those of you that have done blog giveaways before, please let me know if there is some big thing I am missing or haven't mentioned yet - thanks for your help!