A Tale of Two Studios

Welcome to my Studio!

This is my newest studio here in our "Woodland Cottage" in north Houston. It was a fun labor of love to bring *piles* of key items from my previous studio (see below) to their new studio home in our home. Click here for a full tour!


Welcome to my previous studio!!

EDITORIAL NOTE: Although this 12' x 24' building is still on our country property, the contents have for the most part been removed - but it was such a wonderful labor of love from my husband to me, and such an inspiring space that I wanted to keep it here for your inspiration...

It didn't start out looking all cute, I can assure you's the BEFORE, when it was just a storage shed...

Click here to read about how it went from shed to studio - all the gritty DIY details :o)

For the full reveal, including all the yummy decor and fun stuff, check out this post...

I hope you enjoyed the two tours!! Thanks for stopping by!