Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Illustration Friday: Farm

This week's theme for Illustration Friday is "Farm". Farm critters have always been some of my favorites to draw, and weren't they fun to color and cut and paste as a kid...? Though many of us may never have the opportunity to actually visit a farm, I wish for all of us to be able to savor a bit of the country in our hearts...
Thanks for stopping by, O faithful ones...I have many. many things to share in the coming days and I plan to blog steadily for the forseeable future. I will have pictures to share of my studio, a mural I'm painting in my dining room, as well as several projects I've been working on for a client I met at the CBA convention this summer. Plus, I'm working on a 2007 calendar of my designs that I will be making available for sale! So much to much going on. Please stay tuned, and thanks so much for not giving up on me!!