Wednesday, June 10, 2009

And the 31 Day Giveaway Goes to...

I used Tara Frey's neat little Random Number Generator ( to pick the winner of the 31 Day Giveaway, and I am thrilled to announce that....
is the WINNER!!!
Congratulations twinkle!! (I just LOVE the name of her blog!) I hope you will click on her name above to visit her blog - it's awesome!! I'm sure she would be so pleased to have you over for a visit! Thank you twinkle for participating - I hope you will love all the goodies!
And a BIG "thank you" to ALL of you who participated by leaving comments and reading along - I am so appreciative that you were a part of this 31 Day Challenge - you all helped make it special for me!!
twinkle, I'll be needing your address - you can email it to me using the email in my sidebar.
SPECIAL NOTE: Nita From South Carolina, could you please email me your address as well? I have a little something for you too, my faithful friend!!
I love all of you - thanks again! Although in the future I may not blog every single day like I did throughout the challenge, I will definitely be making every effort to blog much more often than I have in the past. This 31 days has established a good discipline for me, and I want to build on that! Thanks dear readers, and do please continue to stop by an visit - it always makes my day!!

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  1. Shut UP!
    I cannot believe I have been so blessed by you, Becky!
    I'm on my way to email you my address and thank you for sharing your anniversary in such a special way, my siesta friend...


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