Monday, May 25, 2009

31 Days: Day 16 - Metamorphosis Monday!

Hello friends! I am SO EXCITED to be participating in my very first Metamorphosis Monday!! Susan over at Between Naps on the Porch is the gracious, sweet hostess for this weekly makeover event, so please be sure and head over there to see LOTs of other fun, inspiring makeover projects!
For my first Met Monday I am continuing to reveal progress on our Extreme Makeover: Mobile Home Edition (click link to see more makeover posts) - this week, the Teeny Guest Bedroom...
I wish I had a better before photo...just picture all that white being circa 1982 brown paneling instead. This photo was taken on about the 2nd coat of Kilz...
Once we moved in, this teeny bedroom became the dumping ground for anything we couldn't find a place for...and it stayed this way for quite a while...

In this photo, much of the junk had finally been cleared out, but we were still in the midst of my sofa crisis and were not entirely sure what furniture was going to go the little beige toile loveseat ($10 bargain at a garage sale) is just hanging out in here until we sort it all out. Early on, we realized that this room would never hold a standard double or queen bed, so we were actively on the hunt for a daybed so this room might actually be able to sleep guests...


Well, although I still have more decorating to do, this is a much improved version of our Teeny Guest Bedroom...
I took the decor inspiration from a valance my Mom made me about 16 years ago using Waverly "Sweet Violets" fabric - you can see a bit of it here in my circa 1994 living room...this was my Mary Engelbreit period...lots of bunnies and checkerboards and sunflowers (hey, I still like this look :o)

Back to today...

Armed with my inspiration piece, I shopped my own stash of stuff to find a few accessories to get it started and make it at least feel a bit more cozy and homey...

Just a few things...I am desperately trying to not overfill this tiny mobile home...

Bunny print from a wonderful pastel artist (which I will frame one of these days), shelf (formerly gold...$1 at a garage sale), little tins, vintage embroidered dresser scarf, lamp, candle, silk ribbon embroidered kitty, books, and a rose clock were all in my stash already. (click this or any image to see more detail...)

Well, after no luck whatsoever finding a daybed on Craigslist, my Mom one day told me that friends of theirs had announced at their small group meeting that they were selling their daybed - white iron with trundle bed and 2 mattresses for $75! I didn't need to even see it - I knew it would be perfect...and it was! (although to pull out the trundle you have to take the chair out of the room...oh well :o)

I bought the "Sweet Violet" king bedding last year for $10 at a garage sale...I wasn't sure why at the time (other than the fact that once Target discontinued this Waverly home decor line you couldn't find it anywhere)... We were in our old house then and had no guest bed...but now I see that it was meant for here...

This little space does have a teeny alcove made by the furnace closet bumping into the room...and that little space beside the door was just right to hold our maple secretary and chair...and that's it...But it's a good thing as there was absolutely no other place in the house for the secretary to go...

I snagged these two violet prints with sage green mats at a garage sale for $2 each a few weeks ago...perfect for the room...

Well, that's a brief tour of our Teeny Guest Room - I will no doubt share any future updates to the room with all of you. I am SO GLAD you came along on the tour - thank you!!
You are here at a good time - I am in the middle of hosting a 31 Day Challenge & Giveaway! Any comment left on this post or ANY post leading up to my 4 year Blog Birthday on June 9th enters you in the drawing...and your chances are multiplied if you post about the giveaway on your blog... You can see just a few of the giveaway goodies on my right sidebar..but there will be more!

The "Challenge" part of the 31 days is for myself mostly (but anyone can do it too...however it's not required for the giveaway), and involves me reading one chapter of Proverbs every day for 31 days and posting my favorite verse(s) from that day's reading here at Just Bee 'n Me. (You can see here how I kicked it all off on May 10th, Mother's Day) Today is day 16 so the reading is Proverbs Chapter 16. In honor of my first Met Monday I incorporated my favorite verse from that chapter onto a bookmark I illustrated - feel free to save this image and print it out on card stock if you'd like, and maybe add a little tassel or ribbon at the top to complete it. (If you do use this image electronically, all I ask is that you credit me as the artist...but feel free to have fun with it) You'll see that I carried on the "violet" theme from the makeover to tie it all together...

" Kind words are like honey - sweet to the soul and healthy to the body"
Proverbs 16:24
Oh my, how true...
Thanks again - if you made it down this far in this long post, you deserve a treat!! I'm already looking forward to next week's Metamorphosis Monday - meanwhile, please come back here was my honor to have you here!!!


  1. Your guest room came out just darling. I have always loved purple (or lavender) and green together. The "before" photo made me laugh because I could easily identify with it. The "before" of the guest room I posted about last Met Monday looked somewhat similar to yours...and I even described it as a "dumping ground" for all things I didn't know what to do with!

  2. Oh, that is such a sweet little bedroom. I love the floral lamp on the desk. I so enjoy seeing what you're doing with your home.

  3. Adorable! I love the violets!!

  4. Anonymous6:26 PM

    Hi, this is the first time to your blog for me and I'm love what you've done to this sweet room! It's so cozy and charming!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  5. Becky, this turned out beautifully! I LOVE your day bed...what a fabulous deal! And your corner looks like it was waiting for that wonderful desk! Great Met Monday post! And thanks for adding my blog to your list! You tickled me with the Between Naps on the "Couch" line at the start of your post...have you been peeking in my window lately? LOL
    Happy Memorial Day! Susan

  6. Hi Becky,
    Your guest room is os pretty and looks so inviting:)The violets are so happy looking. Your hard work is sure making your new home lovely and inviting...
    Deb :)

  7. Anonymous8:46 AM

    Oh! What a beautiful transformation! I LOVE this room! You are multi-talented! I enjoy seeing these.

  8. That Sweet Violets pattern is so pretty! I think your guestroom turned out really lovely! I had to laugh at your comment about your "Mary Englebreit" phase. I had one of those too!


  9. That is so beautiful and peaceful looking. Very inspiring


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