Sunday, September 23, 2007

Happy Fall Y'all!!

Welcome to the first official day of Fall!! I am not going to let the 90 degree temperature deter me from celebrating the arrival of my favorite season! For the last several days, though the daytime temperature is 90+, it has been significantly drier and the mornings and evenings have been cool - a hint of the things to come. The cooler weather is just one of the many reasons I love this season - here are a few more A-Z - feel free to add your own to the list...
  • A- Acorns, apples, apple cider, antique-hunting, azure-blue skies
  • B- Bales of hay, beauty berries, baking goodies, Bible reading on the back porch
  • C- Candy corn, caramel apples, corduroy, chili and cornbread, crisp cool air, cozy nights
  • D- Daylight savings time ends, deer, ducks, dogs, dunking for apples, drawing outdoors, dancing in the moonlight
  • E- Extraordinary sunrises and sunsets, easy-going Sundays, espresso, extra covers on the bed
  • F- Fall leaves, fires in the fireplace, football, flannel shirts, funnel cakes, flea markets, furry critters
  • G- Grapevines, gourds, garage sales, good hair days
  • H- Hay rides, horseback riding, hot chocolate, harvest moons
  • I- Iris bulbs, Irish coffee, Indian corn
  • J- Jellies and jams, jackets, jerseys, jeans, junk stores
  • K- Kids laughing, kittens scampering, Kettle corn
  • L- Logs on the fire, leaf piles, layering, lounging at a lake house
  • M- Movie nights, mochachinos, marshmallows roasting on an open fire, making memories
  • N- Nibbling on nuts, nests, naps on nippy afternoons
  • O- Owls, oatmeal for breakfast, oldies on the radio, open windows at night
  • P- Piles of pumpkins, pumpkin pie, pumpkin bread, pretty flannel PJs, painting from nature
  • Q- Quilts, quiet walks
  • R- Riding a bike, raccoons, raking red leaves
  • S- Sunflowers, scarecrows, s'mores, savory soups, school supplies, sweaters, star-gazing, state fairs, singing for no reason, snuggling on the sofa with my sweetie
  • T- Tailgate parties, turtlenecks, tea for two, Thanksgiving, turkey and dressing
  • U- long Underwear, undertaking new projects
  • V- Vanilla extract, votive candles, voting
  • W- Wheat, wagons, warm cinnamon rolls
  • X- foXes, eXtra e-Bay boXes from Fed-eX
  • Y- Yellow mums, yummy yams
  • Z- fuZZy bunny slippers
Ahhh Awesome Autumn - Fun Fabulous Fall - Enjoy!!!


  1. Hi Becky! Still haven't forgotten about the pic and email. I cannot find my pillow that I want to show you!!! ergh!

    Ok, love the chili and cornbread. My favorite. Just bought ingredients yesterday to make that and green soup. Love vanilla candles, zzzz = going to bed early, and C for coffee.. L for lots of coffee!!!!

    Great list! So fun to read!!

    x and an o,



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