Friday, July 19, 2013

Create Something Pin-Worthy Today

Yep, I've posted this before, but I really needed the reminder today...perhaps it nudges your heart too...?

You are uniquely equipped by God to do amazing things...things only you can do, just the way you do them! It could be the special, ingenious way you set up a spreadsheet, or your amazing knack for coloring hair, or the way you make eating sandwiches with your kids seem like an adventure...whatever it is, do it to God's glory! This world needs you to be the awesome person you were created to be, and do the awesome things you were Hand-crafted by God to do...

And hey, if it's something that you can pin on Pinterest, go for it! I'd love to repin it!!  :o)

Here's a little sneak peek at what's on my work table today...

I'll be showing you soon what I'm going to do with all this sunny retro goodness...maybe it'll even be pin-worthy...?

Have a great Friday and a fantastic, creative weekend!!

Hugs one and all!!

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  1. Just finding you through a "turquoise and green" Pinterest search--it was an Inspiration Board you had in the Etsy shop and soooo cool! But I'm glad to be here and to "meet you!" I love your work, and your style! I'll be back!


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