Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Way Back When-sday: 1981


Welcome to this week's installment of Way Back When-sday!! (yep, I got a little punny with the name and made a little banner to make it seem like it's a really big deal that thousands of people read and participate in...ya).

Wow - 1981 - I was a mere 20 years old... I had just moved with my entire family from the SE part of Houston (Pasadena) to the outer reaches of the north part of Houston, a sleepy little town called Conroe, Texas. The reason my entire family relocated there was because we all worked for the same Christian gift manufacturing company, Christian Enterprises, who had pulled up stakes and moved there. The founders of the company were dear friends of my parents...and they were from Conroe, so that's why the move...

Here's my entire family (and one person I don't recognize in the back) - We all are standing in front of Christian Enterprises during a VERY rare snow in Houston.

My Daddy managed the production department, My Mom did accounts payable and accounts receivable, my older brother did everything remotely connected to production, and my sister-in-law worked in assembly.

I was mainly the product designer/illustrator - but I was also the advertising staff, the on-the-road sales staff, the exhibit booth designer, a silk-screener, and a production worker. Suffice to say I learned a lot in those days about every facet of the giftware business - it was a wonderful 5 years! And it was GREAT to work with my whole family doing something we believed in!

Here's a sampling of what I created for Christian Enterprises in 1981...


Refrigerator Magnets...

I was even into fabric art back then...

And I'm trying my best to include a photo of myself from each year (whether I want to or not), so here ya go...a much younger, (thinner) me...sigh...well at least today I'm a tad bit smarter...maybe :o)

And finally, here's a little touch of pop culture from that year...

Top 5 songs of 1981:

1. Bette Davis Eyes, Kim Carnes

2. Endless Love, Diana Ross and Lionel Richie

3. Lady, Kenny Rogers

4. (Just Like) Starting Over, John Lennon

5. Jessie's Girl, Rick Springfield


And who could forget...

The # 1 Top Grossing Motion Picture of 1981

Yep, "Raiders of the Lost Ark" - LOVED it!!

Yep, Harrison Ford was pretty darn cute
(but not nearly as cute as you, sweet hubby!!!!)
OK, it's YOUR turn...

  • How many times did you see Raiders?

  • Did you listen to, dance to, or perform karaoke to any of the top 5 tunes of 1981?

  • Where were you working in '81 - or what grade were you in?


Well, thanks for the sentimental journey - it's much more fun having you along!! Please join me next week as we travel way (sorta) back to 1995!


  1. Anonymous12:06 AM

    Hi Becky! I love the idea of "back when"s 1981, I was living in Denver and in July of that year I became pregnant with my first child.I loved the songs Bette Davis Eyes, (Just Like) starting Over and Jessie's Girl.I saw the Moody Blues in concert at Red Rocks.Oh...I saw it too late to comment, but on last weeks installment, I had glasses like you and Mary E. too...mine were rose coloured. Marge :)

  2. Hey, do you know that there is a New Raiders movie coming out ? That will be fun. :) Lets see, 1981, 16 and I had moved out on my own ( long story, lol ) , lived in a tiny town in Texas, called Huntsville. Rick Springfield !! lol I didn't much care for him. I liked the Pretenders. I was into Punk Rock. Wow, and very young and naive. lol That is a cute picture of you !! I think I was a size two back then, that was nice !! lol

  3. When I first started teaching, I taught with people who had been teaching longer than I had been alive, so I learned then when to keep my mouth shut... I don't think you'll want to know where I was in 1981. :) However, it is AWESOME that your whole family worked together! What a cool experience that must have been. Have a super weekend!

  4. your waybacks are fun :)
    For most of 1981, I was swimming around in my mother's womb, until I was introduced to the world in October. That's my birthyear yay :)
    It's cool to see the random facts of that year.

  5. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL! Hi Becky!!! 1981 - I was 21 years old...out of college and engaged to my husband.
    Saw Raiders once, but now we have the DVD's and just watched all three the other day infact.

    Karaoke? No way! Can't carry a tune in the bucket. I'd have tomatoes thrown at moi!

    I was working as a Registered Dental Assistant for a very fussy Oral Surgeon. He made me have chest pains he was so anal! But, young and dumb and very influenced by the bossiness.

    Fun postie!!!!


  6. Hi Becky, What a great idea for back whens. Let's see, in 81 I was living in Lubbock, Tx. with my family and teaching art, printing and music to kindergarten cuties. Then I managed a retail store and worked in display all while attending art classes. I saw Raiders a couple times. Loved Bette Davis Eyes and Endless Love. Never performed Karaoke.

    Your graphics that you designed for the company are wonderful. You are one great talent. You are cute in the pic too. Thanks for sharing such interesting things and stopping over to me like you do. You are always welcome my friend. I promise I will be here more as well. I always love my visit. Happy St. Patrick's Day.
    La Rea Rose

  7. This is so fun... great idea, to! 1981? Year I graduated from high school. Yep, I knew just everything there was that needed to be known... yeah right.


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