Monday, March 03, 2008

Our Trip to Canton: The Haul

As promised, here is part two of the two part Canton Trip series - this chronicles the shopping aspect of the Canton trip... Funny note - only the embroidered pillowcases and a couple of the breakables showcased below were from Canton vendors - ALL the rest were from the myriad of garage and estate sales in the town of Canton itself and all the way home on Hwy 19 - to me, those are the most fun and yield by far some of the best bargains - with a few notable exceptions. Here's what we hauled home...

The above vintage embroidered pillowcases were purchased from a Canton vendor for $.50 a piece! So I scooped up 16 of them for a mere $8!! That was just about it from Canton vendors themselves.

Yard sales like this one in little Elkhart, Texas yielded the bulk of the loot!

These embroidered linens were found in a small suitcase on the back table...

We picked up the following china and glass collectibles along the way...

The Debbie Mumm plates (8 total) were just a quarter a piece - the plate-hangers on the back of each and every one of them were worth much more than that!

In the midst of all the breakables was this teensy, oh-so-cute teacup - just a buck for this one! You can see from the scale of the quarter how tiny it is...

It looks right at home on this little 25 cent doily...

These are the crafting supplies gathered from several sales - all super cheap! I love the roll of vintage pink rose shelf paper - oh the crafting possibilities...oh, and it was thrown in for free when I bought the 6 little chalkboards!!

File this next one under "Hidden Treasure"...on my way out of a dimly lit po-dunk (that's Texan for small-time or 'insignificant') re-sale shop that was having a moving sale, I happened to spot this stuffed vintage suitcase... (LOVE how the sign reads "Close" patterns instead of "Clothes" patterns) Heck, I'd have bought the case alone for $2.50

Yep, it was filled to overflowing with vintage patterns - over 40 of them - most from the mid 50s and!!!

If you're into vintage at all, you gotta love these....

Finally, here are the "big-ticket" buys - but even at that, all three cutter quilts (to be used for crafting) were a mere $30 total!! I LOVE finding deals like that....

You can see that Maddie has staked out her personal favorite - the butterfly quilt... I'm pretty fond of it too...

All in all, the shopping part of the trip was a huge success. As for the shops at Canton - even though I didn't buy much, I was overwhelmed with wonderful ideas - it was great to see the Spring trends and take note of the pricing - all of this is helping us as Hubby and I formulate plans for crafting framed fabric collages and hand-painted pieces, assembling collage crafting kits, and remaking, restoring and re-purposing small furniture and accessory finds.
Oh yeah, and we had a blast together to boot!! Life is good...
On more thing, lest I forget....I was SO EXCITED to get to meet two of my blog-link buddies in person at Canton:
First off, it was sweet, kind and talented Linda at Blue Gate!! She and her husband create the most incredible mosaic-studded structures called "Conservatories" (as well as a bunch of other beautiful mosaic goodies) - check out her blog and her studio as well - sweet folks and GORGEOUS creations!!
Also, a perennial blog favorite, Tina at Cherry Hill Cottage is just so very nice and gracious!! She helps out her buddy Laurie at her Canton booth (which was fabulous BTW) every month, but Tina is a star in her own right, having her wonderful cottage featured in the current issue of Country Almanac. She also makes any number of cute cottage accessories and sells them from her blog, and she is famous for her step-by-step recipes she so generously shares.
It was so great to meet my "imaginary" blog buddies in the flesh!! :o) Just the sweetest most talented folks... I love Blogland!!


  1. What a fantastic trip!!!!!! Why don't we have this sort of thing in the Southeast????? I am jealous in the most positive way - ha! Huge apologies for it taking so long, but I did get your swap pictures up on my blog (finally) - all this work travel is not helping me! :) Thanks again for being such a precious swap partner. ;)

  2. that is quite a haul Becky. It will be fun to see what you make of everything.

  3. What an amazing haul!!! A fantastic trip...sounds so fun and wonderful..seeking out treasures..finding fabulous goodies!! Love it all (all the embroidered linens are divine!!)

    kari and kijsa

  4. WOW Becky, you sure got some wonderful treasures in Canton. The linens are fabulous and the "CLOSE" patterns. got to love that! So happy to hear it was a great trip.
    You have been tagged. Hope you can play along.
    La Rea Rose

  5. I love what you've got, can't wait to see what you're going to make of it !

  6. The butterfly quilt is what caught my eye too. :)


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