Friday, December 28, 2007

The Calendar has Arrived!!!!

Well friends, it is FINALLY here!

I called the calendar "My Cup Runneth Over" because I am constantly overwhelmed by God's goodness and His blessings in my life! Each design includes a cup or mug of some sort to further illustrate the point. But first and foremost, each design is built around a Scripture and featured corresponding word of encouragement from the Scripture. I firmly believe that the Scriptures will bless you each and every day!

You can go here to order the calendar from my CafePress store (click on "View Calendar Pages" to see all the designs). I've also added some of the designs to notecard sets of 10 or 20 - you can see them here.

Here are a couple of the designs that I didn't preview yet - I will offer these designs on notecards as it gets closer to the Fall in 2008:

October - "Delight"

November - "Thanks"

I want to thank all of you (chiefly my sweet hubby) for your encouragement over the past couple of months while I illustrated this Calendar. I have wanted to do this for the LONGEST time, and to see it actually come to fruition is both humbling and AWESOME!!


PS - I will be hosting a giving away on New Year's Day, and one of these calendars will be part of the prize - be sure and check back and tell your blog buddies too!! (pretty-please!)


  1. Becky,
    Congradulations..... You must be so proud!
    It looks wonderful!

    I am so excited for you!
    You are such an inspiration to all of us!

    I am keeping my fingers crossed...I would love to win one of your awesome calenders!

    Big Hugz,

  2. Congratulations, that was I'm sure a lot of work, and it looks so beautiful. I am so thankful for every drop of goodness that The Lord throws my way. :) You are such a Blessing. :)

  3. Your calendar is absolutely gorgeous!! What great talent the Lord has given to you!!!

  4. Anonymous1:51 PM

    I gave you a big comment on my blog!! Your calendar is beautiful!

  5. Oh my goodness Becky! Your calendar is gorgeous!! My how you are blessed with an incredible talent!! I love that you chose the scriptures to accompany your beautiful artwork. It delights and lifts my heart! God Bless you this new year! Thank you for all of you sweet comments on my blog! You and your hubby are adorable by the way!
    Warm Pie, Happy Home

  6. Congrats! You worked your buns off on this, girl! Will get over there to order mine... Happy New Year and best of luck with your endeavors, you talented critter, you! Love, Esther

  7. What a lovely calendar. Thanks for sharing a peek!
    Blessings for the new year~

  8. Your calendar rocks! I especially like November! Great work. Hope it sells zillions!

  9. Wow! How impressive. I can't even merge two photos in photoshop yet. Definitely not one of my strong creative areas =) Your calender is beautiful! Blessings... Polly

  10. Your work is so beautiful and inspiring. I'm on a short break between piano students today so I'll come back when I have some time to browse around more and maybe order something. I love everything you've put together. What a blessing to use your talents for the Lord. ~Adrienne~


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