Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Honeymoon Photos!

And now, as promised, I will share a few of the best photos from our recent Honeymoon in Costa Rica. As with the wedding photos, you can see them ALL here.

Los Angeles Cloud Forest - Villa Blanca Casitas

The lush grounds at Villa Blanca

Colorful handpainted ox-cart - national symbol in Costa Rica
John beside our private "casita"

"Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow" plant

Canopy of leaves in the cloud forest

Arenal Volcano Region - La Mansion Resort Cottages

Our cottage at La Mansion

The gorgeous view of Lake Arenal from our front porch

Our "Welcome Drinks" when we arrived at La Mansion - they had just received a fresh palette of strawberries...

Breakfast served on our front porch
(while we were enjoying this breakfast, a rainbow broke out over the lake - gorgeous - unfortunately the photo did not turn out too well)

There were fresh flowers placed EVERYWHERE in our cottage daily

While on a river safari, we visited the home of a 95 year old local Costa Rican farmer - this is his kitchen - no electricity

Homemade bread, fried plantains, homemade cheese, and of course fresh coffee, prepared for us by the farmer's two daughters who still live at the farm

Two-toed sloth - we were very fortunate to get to see one so closely

Manuel Antonio - Pacific Coast

Ready for our Rainforest Canopy Tour

John on the zip line - such a rush!!

The sail on our catamaran - we toured the coves around Manuel Antonio, snorkeled, and watched dolphins

The beach at Quepos - near Manuel Antonio

The date we were on the beach at Quepos

If any of you have ever considered a trip to Costa Rica, I would highly recommend it - it was gorgeous, had very friendly folks, and was relatively affordable. Here is the wonderful travel agency that helped us pull all this together: http://www.vacationscostarica.com/


  1. Congrats to you both!!! and what an amazing place to honeymoon! love the flowers "everywhere"!

    and of course i love the tomato on the breakfast table. :)


  2. What great photos! Fun to read about your adventure. The flowers on the TP is a great shot! And it's always great to see dolphins!

  3. What a beautiful place! I'll have to put it on my "places to visit" list :)


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