Sunday, July 03, 2005

Flea Market Score

On my day off Friday I was able to do one of my favorite things - I went shopping at a local flea market. I really wasn't in much of a buying mood (mostly because I already have so much stuff), until I happened upon these teacups. They are modest little teacups - BUT, they are 3 of 4 missing pieces from my china set that I inherited from my grandmother! I've never see them anywhere until now...I've shopped E-bay, etc - no luck. So, now I just need one more of these to have a complete 8 piece teacup and saucer set to go with the ret of the china. Yeah! And at only $1.50 cents each, they were quite a steal to boot.
Once I picked these up, I was suddenly in the mood to buy more stuff, so here are a few other goodies I found:
I was in a pastel mood apparently - except for the brown velvet quilt heart.
The little prayer books were so sweet (from a gentler time - the 50's and the 30's) - and the old-fashioned illustrations are wonderful.
I bought two old cookbooks from the 50's - I love their cover color schemes. And the photos inside are great fun. When I'm a bit less lazy I'll scan some in and share. I also found a couple of old postcards - I've been gathering a decent collection of these over the past months. I hope to make e-cards from them soon. The last thing I found were these great Golden Children's magazines from the 60s. They are chock full of great children's illustrations - lots of inspiration there. I really will scan some of the great art for show and tell soon. They were just 50 cents each. What treasures!


  1. That is awesome! I love flea markets. Unfortuantely my town is just too small to have any real good ones. I love your tea cups too. My grandmother gave me a few from her collection of signle tea cup and saucer sets. I know just need to find some sort of display cabinet to put them up. Will post when I do.

  2. Thanks for the comments y'all. There is something magical to me about old dishes (and new dishes too). I guess it's the fact that they are so beautiful and practical at the same time. Little sparkling pieces of art. I gravitate to them any time I'm in a shop...or at someone's home. Hope you guys show your's off...I'd love to see them.

  3. The prayer books like Eloise Wilkins (THank you brain for remembering the name!!) I loved her as a kid, along with Jessie Wilcox Smith. Oh, and the Provensens did so much of the Goldenbooks... Nostalgia... and more fun than a source book of poses!

  4. Anonymous2:07 PM

    Hey, I bet your Twinkie friend has some cool teacups from Okinawa that her dad got while he was in the army, back in the early 1950's. If you think about it, ask her...I bet she'll show them to you. :-)

  5. found your blog somehow and this collection of things is great ! thanks and isn't it wonderful when you find something as special as a missing piece of china ~ well done. I love ALL things vintage

  6. Anonymous12:56 PM

    those golden mags are SO COOL! Like Lady Bug mag of the 60's.

  7. I love old magazines like these. Great finds!


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