Friday, July 29, 2005

Birdie Swap with Holli

Oh what fun! I participated in Holli's Birdie Swap, and we both had a great time creating goodies for one another. Here is the birdie-related artwork that I made for Holli. I painted this on a pre-fab framed cork board with acrylics. I then embellished with bits of ribbon, ric rac, buttons, sharpie pen and colored pencil. It was great fun to do! Here's a close-up of the detail...

In return for the Birdie art, Holli made me this oh-so-cute "Bunny Bouncer"! I was so touched that she took the time to search out my affinities, and discovered that I was a big bunny lover. How sweet of you Holli to make me something so personal and wonderful! She's a great addition to my bunny collection.

In fact, my studio bunnies gathered to officially welcome her to the neighborhood. She's already feeling right at home. Thanks again Holli for the fun swap!

By the way, I encourage you to visit Holli's site, and please do yourself a favor if you're an aspiring illustrator (or an aspiring anything for that matter) - read Holli's great article called "Becoming an Illustrator". It is full of inspiration and practical wisdom for illustrators who long to break into the field. It was Holli's article that encouraged me to start a Blog, get hooked up with Illustration Friday, and approach this adventure with professionalism and fun. I owe you many thanks Holli! Bunny and Birdie Blessings to you!

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  1. You are more than welcome. Everytime I pass by your piece, I have to take a closer look and smile. I absolutly love it!! I'm all giddy about it :)


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