Thursday, June 23, 2005

Weigh-in Wednesday

Well, I thought a lot about whether I should include this on my blog, and I decided that it would be one more way to keep me accountable. Wednesdays are my weigh-in days at Weight Watchers, so I will post my weight loss (or gain) here weekly (but not my overall weight - no way!) I'm happy to report that I lost 1.1 lb. this week, bringing my 8 week total to 8.4 lbs. It's slowly but steadily coming off, and it's great to be sticking to this. If anyone else out there is in the midst of a weight loss challenge, feel free to comment or drop me a line. Mutual support in these areas of our lives are vital.

You'll see less of me next time :o)

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  1. Congratulations! I have the metabolism of William Shatner- it goes up & down depending on what season it is. Weight loss is such a great business to get into, because there are so many conflicting diet plans. Good luck!


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