Monday, April 18, 2011

Pancakes on the Porch

 It's not every day in Houston, Texas that we have a morning with less than 20% humidity...

...and temperature in the mid-60's... with just a bit of extra effort...

...and a few pretties from our china cabinet...

...we had our simple Sunday pancake breakfast...

...on our humble front porch...

It was great! We gotta do this more often!
(if we can get the weather and the bugs to cooperate :o)

I hope you make sweet special memories with your family this wonderful Easter week!

I invite you to check back here throughout the week - in honor of Resurrection Sunday, I am going to be sharing lots of photos from my incredible trip to Israel in 2004.

I've posted just a few here over the years, but I wanted to show you quite a few more and include more memories and impressions from my adventures. It'll be a fun, free way to tour the wonders of the Holy Land close up! Don't miss it!!

Have a blessed week friends!


  1. The pancake breakfast looks very inviting. We should all do things special more often for our hubby. It would be well worth it. I will be looking forward to the Holy Land pictures. I will never be able to go so pictures are the next best thing.

  2. Beautiful table Becky! I especially love the ivy pattern on the pitcher and sugar bowl. I passed up a set of those dishes at an estate sale once just because I didn't really "need" another set of dishes. Can you imagine!? Now I think about the dumb things all the time! Ah well, maybe I'll run across some again some day. Happy Easter to you and your family!

  3. Anonymous4:56 PM

    What a beautiful table setting and so inviting. I could even smell the sweet aroma floating off your humble porch. But I have to admit I'm stressing out about your food going cold. I can't stand cold pancakes so I hope you sat down in time for some hot pancakes. LOL!

    Love you both,
    Morning Glory

  4. Hi Becky,
    Very inviting setting on your porch. The table looks lovely and I do love pancakes!
    Easter Blessings.

  5. That looks so pretty...what a lovely way to enjoy pancakes :)

  6. i LOVE pancakes! i bet they taste even better on the porch seeing and hearing God's awesome creations. have a wonderful EASTER!


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