Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Kathryn & Andrew's Wedding Photos

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On November 7th, 2009, we were excited and honored to attend the wedding of my nephew Andrew to his bride Kathryn. It was a beautiful, fun wedding and reception/dance. We had a wonderful time and were so very proud of these two young people who have dedicated their marriage to the Lord...we wish them all the very best!!

Here are a few other family snaps from the event...

My sweet Daddy and Mom - the proud paternal grandparents of the groom...Andrew was their first grandchild


My older brother Rick and wonderful sister-in-law Sharon, the proud parents of the groom - their first born...

My awesome niece Avery, sister of the groom and a groomsman from the wedding party...

My younger brother Dave and his wonderful girlfriend Kelly and her beautiful daughter Destiny...

...yep, Kelly caught the bouquet!!! We think there is another wedding brewing!!  More to come...!!!

...even though it's in the poster above, I couldn't resist showing this sweet photo of one of the flower girls again (niece of the bride)...wouldn't you twirl in a fluffy dress like that too!!

...ain't weddings grand?


  1. Beautiful photo's Everyone looks like they were having a good time. Congrats to all!
    Can't wait till Sharon brings the pictures in to work so I can see them up close.

  2. What a special day! You are right, there is nothing sweeter than a wedding, except maybe a baby's birth. Happy Thanksgiving,
    xo Lidy


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