Thursday, October 15, 2009

Headed to Louisiana!

Hi friends! Sweet Hubby and I are headed to Louisiana to see the kids and grandkids (and brand new great-granddaughter...more on that next week!!). Last week was a crazy week with health stuff and horrible weather, and we are looking forward to this quiet down time with family.

I promise that I will have photos of our space at the antique shop is just not up to par yet and we are still trying to get new things in place. We brought quite a few new things over there last night (I actually was able to work in the studio and complete several new cute crafted pieces), but as we were setting things up, one of our shelves fell as we were placing items on it and several pieces of china broke. After that happened, I was in no mood to take photos. :o(  Getting everything just right has been a somewhat frustrating process this time, but we are persevering and determined to make it awesome.  Don't get me looks pretty good and we've sold fairly well, but it's just not quite what we envisioned yet...but soon...very soon. We will be scouting for new shop goodies at garage sales in Loisiana this weekend...that should be fun!

And *finally*, Fall is about to arrive in Houston!!!!!!  We have been sweltering in the 90s with either drizzle, rain, storms or 98% humidity for days and days and days...but Hallelujah, a powerful front is coming and sweeping all that away, for good I hope!! It is supposed to be a glorious cool weekend and I for one am beyond ready for it!!!

See you guys Sunday evening when we return. I hope your weekend is a glorious one too!!!


  1. Becky! I could just speak to you directly as you're sitting next to me on the couch as I type, but what fun would that be?

    Hugs and smoochies :)

    Connie Mae

  2. that is so great that you are able to visit family! i pray you have a blessed time. things will work out with the shop. the Lord is good and He will see you through. congratulations on the new addition to your family :)

  3. Hope you are having a great time!


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