Monday, August 03, 2009

Studio Inspiration

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for my Studio
The collage I created above is like a digital inspiration board for the studio - snippets of things I love, colors that speak to me, items I've crafted, images that make me smile. As I've pondered the next steps with the Studio, my mind has (naturally) raced ahead to how I will decorate it. Let me begin the decorating discussion with a disclaimer:
I have eclectic tastes...there, I said it. I love bright colors. I love pastel colors. I love neutrals. And on any given day I can declare one as my most favorite of all, and the next day declare just the opposite... I drive myself crazy sometimes...
Here's the definition of eclectic:
1. selecting what appears to be best in various doctrines, methods, or styles;
2. composed of elements drawn from various sources
Yep, that about sums it up. The best term I have come up with to describe my eclectic "style" is Colorful/Whimsical Cottage...kinda like if Mary Engelbreit, Rachel Ashwell, and the editors of Romantic Home, Victoria, Country Living, and Romantic Country magazines all ran into each other, spilling all their designs, illustrations, samples, paints, photos, and fabric swatches into one gloriously diverse, colorful, fun pile of decorating bliss...
I know I am not alone in my decorating schizophrenia...I know you are out there too!
The only "method" I have devised to "manage" my eclectic decorating taste is to have three "firmly" established "guidelines":
  1. Rescue and repurpose whenever possible
  2. Surround yourself with things that make you smile
  3. There are no rules or wrong answers in this kind of decorating

The exciting thing about decorating a Studio is that you can take this decorating philosophy to its furthest extreme if you is a grown-up playroom you are creating after all! For my purposes, I will likely keep it comfortable and colorful and inspirational, but functional too. Speaking of function, what exactly does a primarily digital artist need with a Studio anyway..?

Well, I have A LOT of projects-in-waiting that require more space than just the kitchen table to tackle properly. Here are a couple of examples of the type of rescuing and repurposing I was referring to in Guideline #1...





I have BOXES and BOXES of stuff like this...

...that I want to craft into things like this...

Now WHAT I am going to do with these projects once they are complete is still somewhat unclear. For sure, I will be creating gifts for family and friends. In addition, perhaps I will open a booth/space again in a local antique store/flea market...? Perhaps I will have semi-annual Studio shows/sales...? Perhaps I will participate in various art/crafts shows here and there..? Perhaps I will sell online...? Perhaps I will develop patterns and/or submit ideas to crafts magazines. I really don't have a real clear direction yet, but I know the Lord knows. I'm counting on Him to direct my path...right now I am just certain of one thing - I am supposed to create...

So, that covers the "why" question - next comes "how?" I have decided that I will paint the walls a soft buttery yellow - very much like the walls in my space at Whispering Willow last year...

From a practical standpoint, my Studio will need to accommodate this china cabinet (which has been in storage for months) - I love its soft yellow definitely helped me to decide on yellow as the main color for the room.
I will also be fitting this dresser into the space...more cottage goodness. I'm sure I'll break down and paint/shabby it eventually...

Below are some other items that may find their way onto my Studio walls and into its nooks and crannies...this is a photo of one corner of my Studio in my previous home...I have a fairly large collection of vintage framed crewel/needlepoint/cross-stitch pieces that I have collected for years (this is just a few of them). I love crowding them all together on a wall... I'm sure the yellow lamp will fit right in as well. The dark bookcases (I have 2) are being used in our office in the mobile home currently. They will likely stay there, so I will be on the hunt, via Craigslist and garage sales, for more shelving for the Studio. Coming up with clever (cheap) storage ideas will be one of my biggest challenges...

Here is another view of my previous Studio - I will still be using the big desk on the left as my primary desk...

This past weekend sweet hubby and I went to a local church rummage sale - it was a really good one...great prices! I was blessed to find 8 matching creamy lace valances for just $2 total! I needed exactly 8 for the Studio (3 each on the two double window sets and 2 on the single window) , and there they were! ( I LOVE it when that happens!!) - I found some other goodies too that I will share in a future post...


I've talked about "why" and "how" - now let's give you an update on "when"... The water heater episode ended up burning up the better part of the day on Thursday, so hubby has only had time to finish the insulation...the paneling and painting will have to wait until this week's time off. I STILL believe we can have it all finished by the end of August!!??!! I can't wait!!


I'll share more Studio inspiration pieces as I gather them, Lord-willing...thanks for taking that little tour with me!! I hope you'll come back often to see the progress... You are ALWAYS more than welcome here!


  1. you sure have alot to think about. it will neat to see what path the Lord has for you :) i love the tea cup creation.

  2. Hi Becky,
    Your studio will be Wonderful!!! I LOVE the Tea cup also!!! The colors are is my's so exciting to "go along" with you on your adventure and creating!!
    Hve you thought about putting the follower gadget on your blog?! It's easy to add and let's me see from my dashboard that you have a new post!
    Thanks for sharing your ideas and all with me!
    Deb :)

  3. Hello, Becky kindred eclectic sister! I am getting a wonderful vision of your new studio. Buttery yummy goodness. I'm glad the AC is in and you can move right along. You'll be moved in before you know it.

  4. Hi Becky, Well I can see you are vey busy. I love it all and the pics are so inspiring. You said it all perfectly on the decorating styles of so many of us that cross over many loves in design. I change my mind with the wind with wall colors and decor. I know I must drive dh crazy, but it is in the blood. LOL!!

    I look forward to seeing your studio in all it's glory. I know it will be amazing.

    Blessings to you sweet friend.
    Hugs, Celestina Marie

  5. Becky, the more I read some of your blog entries, the more similarities I find to myself. I love all the things you speak of.The pink rose quilt you used for valances. I adore that look. I had shelves over all the windows of my home(a mobile home conversion that burned in 07). I miss them terribly now, but don't really need them quite as bad for extra space in our new house,as I did then.You have such great ideas.I love following your blog.


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