Sunday, February 05, 2006

Illustration Friday: Chair

I found this quote and thought is was appropriate for this week's Illustration Friday topic: Chair. It is also particularly fitting for my frame of mind. One of the hardest things about moving away to another state was leaving my dear girlfriends behind. I miss them dearly. But they are a part of me, woven into me for all eternity - they are the type of friends that you pick right up with where you left off - even if it's been a year or two since you spoke.

Just recently I met a wonderful group of folks here at my new church - they are part of the large Singles ministry here, and they have adopted me - and it's wonderful. So I have now been blessed with great new friends. God knew that I needed to avoid isolation and re-connect, and He led me right into their path. So, I am rich in friendships, both old and new.

And I cannot forget my virtual friends on the internet - ones I've never had the pleasure of meeting face to face. We have shared sorrows and triumphs , inspirations and pet peeves, hopes and dreams. Plus, I've met people from all over the world that I never would have met otherwise - the internet is a wonderful tool for connecting, and I am forever blessed by those fine folks I've crossed virtual paths with.

So to all friends, old, new, and virtual I say:

"Tea pot is on, the cups are waiting, favorite chairs anticipating. No matter what I have to do, my Friend there's always time for you."


  1. Very nice piece. I'll keep an eye out for your work on future I Fri's.

  2. That's a wonderful sentiment, and a perfect little picture to set the scene. I enjoy seeing your work.

  3. great news about your new friendships! I would love to have a cup of tea, please!

  4. Anonymous3:11 PM

    As one of Becky's bunny friends in Colorado, she has inspired, and impacted lives here like none other. We are better "bunnies" all around because of our beautiful, caring, gifted, and treasured friend. She is missed beyond the expression of words. This particular illo is so special to my heart because we would dream and brainstorm together of how to decorate the little corner in her creative sanctuary of her home office. As with Becky, this illo invites you to come in, sit down, sip on a cup of tea and ponder the things of our heart, especially as daughters of the King. I love you my Sonshine! Your Morning Glory!

  5. well said. distance won't hinder true friendships. sweet illo.

  6. What a warm and thoughtful post!

  7. Anonymous6:49 PM

    Beautiful illustration, Becky. And I'm happy to hear that you're getting settled in so quickly in Houston. : )

  8. Becky, your illo is so inviting and comfy. It would attract great friends to come and sit. So glad to hear you are doing ok and close to family and making new friends

  9. What sweet and warms thoughts, Becky! I am sure that your new friends must treasure your kind heart and positive outlook. I know that I always feel uplifted when I visit your site - I look forward to seeing how you interpret each week's theme. This is so nice:>

  10. Anonymous11:10 AM

    What a nice quote and illustration. I love the cat - so cute. Good to hear you've got some new friends!
    wynlen -

  11. What a great post! Hooray for new friends!

  12. Anonymous11:12 AM

    Very nice, Twinks. The colors are very inviting and relaxing for that cup of tea. Maybe friends both old and new can sit around that table some day.
    There may be a few states between us now, but my heart holds you close!
    Fluffy Bunny

  13. This image is so warm ... It makes me want to curl up in that comfy chair and grab myself a cup of that tea. Absolutely Beautiful sentiments!

  14. A couple of well-dressed chairs convening together with cat - another lovely picture from you! Do you do greeting cards? If not, I seriously think you should consider it - I 100% think there is a market for your work out there, if you were to print and distribute them. The colours and composition in this are second to none, and the rhyme is also perfect. This is the sort of card we all search for on the shelf in the shops and never find!

  15. So inviting! Your illustrations always make such an impression with me! This one is no different. You have been in my prayers this week!

  16. Great post! As always, the art is wonderful. The poem, too, is great and reminds me of one that was posted on the washhouse wall at the ranch, c. 1910s (a little more from the male perspective):

    Of all the folks that fill the earth,
    It certainly is true;
    There's lots that I don't care about,
    And more that I could do without,
    But once in a thousand years, Old Scout,
    There's a reg'lar pal like you.

    Peace and good feelings to you.

  17. Lovely as usual!

  18. so cozy and neat! what a nice post, too.

    Cheers to you and all your friends!

  19. Anonymous2:22 AM

    Wonderful work as always, Becky. What I wouldn't give to see you with your own line of greeting cards.


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