Thursday, December 08, 2005

12 Days of Christmas - Day 1

My heart is echoing the words of a familiar Christmas carol,
"I need a little Christmas, right this very minute!"
That is precisely how I feel. It's as though I have emerged from a long winter's nap only to suddenly realize that Christmas is but a few short weeks away, and I am far from ready. I feel an immediate need to "Deck the Halls" all around me. Alas, I cannot do it in my home because I am in the process of packing and moving back to Texas on December 22nd. Why I'm moving is a long story that I will share more about in the days to come, but the fact remains that I want to surround myself with the sights, sounds, and smells of this wonderful season.
So, I've decided the one thing I can do is deck the halls of my little blog. Beginning today, I am kicking off "The 12 Days of Christmas" at Just Bee 'Me. I will post a Christmas-themed entry every day from today, December 8th, until December 20th, when I'll have to unplug all my computer gear and get it packed away for the move. So, I hope you'll stop by when you can and join me beside the fire for a cup of hot chocolate and a touch of Christmas cheer...

The 1st day of Christmas at
Just Bee 'n Me:

Hot Chocolate just for you and me

I hope you'll stop by tomorrow for more Christmas fun..

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  1. Anonymous5:37 PM

    I hope you're moving for a "happy" reason. Back to Texas...Wow. Well, do keep us in the loop as we are here, and we are listening!

    Love what you've got up for your start on the "Twelve Days of Christmas", btw. Looking forward to seeing what's to come. : )

    God's blessings on your moving endevours!


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