Monday, August 08, 2005

Vacation with My Nephew

Just spent a wonderful few days with my 11 year old (almost 12 as he would say) nephew. We flew him up from Texas for a 4 day visit last week. Just thought I'd share a couple of pictures of our time together.
We did far too much for me to write about here, but a few of the highlights included a trip to the Colorado Railroad Museum. My nephew's a big train fan, so this was a favorite. This place had acres and acres of old locomotives, mail cars, cabooses, cattle cars and any number of other train cars that were available for climbing in and on. We had a lot of fun meandering through all these great pieces of history.

No trip to Colorado is complete without heading up to the mountains. We traveled up to Estes Park and the Rocky Mountain National Park. It was so beautiful, cool and clear on Saturday when we were there...and on a clear day, you can see forever!
In Estes Park, we took a gondola ride to a mountain top where we had a commanding view of the whole Estes valley. Very cool. The gondola station at the top of the mountain is a haven for thousands of chipmunks. You can buy a sack of peanuts for a buck and feed them. They're quite used to this luxury and will readily and greedily eat right from your hand. Too cute!!
It was a really fun trip for us - we had a lovely time - jam packed with going and doing. This old Aunt and Uncle were quite tired, but happy that we got to spend some rare, quality time with our nephew.


  1. Anonymous3:06 PM

    My oldest would LOVE that place!!

  2. How wonderful! He'll will cherish those memories for a lifetime.


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