Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Round Top Report (Part 1): The Bed and Breakfast

Hello friends! I've been downloading and editing photos from our weekend birthday trip to Round Top and I decided that there were so many that I should break up my "report" into two parts: 1) the Bed & Breakfast Cottage, and  2) Shopping at Round Top.
(Fair Warning - there are bunches of photos, so you might want to grab your favorite beverage and get comfy!)

The Bed & Breakfast Cottage

(click any image to enlarge)
Let me tell you what, I about had a happiness heart attack when we pulled into the driveway of this incredible PINK Bed & Breakfast Cottage! KUDOS to Tami & Troy, the wonderful, sweet innkeepers at Tara Farms in Brenham, Texas!! They have created a peaceful, beautiful retreat that really lives up to their motto: "Come Renew Your Strength", based on the Scripture,
"Those who wait on the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles, they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint." (Isaiah 40:31).

This was one of the best Bed & Breakfast experiences I have ever had, and it was the attention to details that helped make it so.

Troy owns a landscaping business in Brenham and Tami is an avid gardener, and boy does it show on this property - the grounds and gardens were GORGEOUS! Here's a tour of the grounds leading to the front porch...

What's not to love about a white porch swing hanging from a huge pecan tree overlooking a gorgeous garden?

Welcome to the garden...
LOVE this little bridge that leads from the guest parking to the cottage walkway...

Quite a view! That is the most luscious Bermuda grass...we walked barefoot all around that velvety expanse of grass; it was heavenly!

In about a month, I imagine the pecan trees will all be green and the rosebushes will be in bloom, but even without that, it was still gorgeous...

I have a thing for porches...especially adorable pink ones!

And that was just the outside! Now we're entering Mia's Cottage...

Pink cottage with a dark pink cottage door and adorable Victorian white screen door...yep, I'm moving in!

Here's a look around the main room...LOVE all the details! It's as if it was decorated right from the pages of my idea notebooks...

The TV was tastefully hidden inside this great old armoire...

More details...

The gorgeous, fluffy queen bed was as comfortable as it was beautiful!

But what really stole my heart was the dining nook with the wall of mis-matched pink rose china, chippy white table and green chairs, and tiny pink chandelier...SWOON!

The table was set with beautiful china, an assortment of homemade goodies, and fresh flowers...

The kitchenette was a great chippy old cupboard that they had rehabbed to house a sink, microwave, and a mini-fridge below. It was filled with more china and various serving pieces, and it was stocked with everything from coffees and teas to yogurt and fresh fruit....lovely!

Finally, the all important bathroom. I can't tell you how many times I've stayed at B&B's where the room was wonderful, but the bathroom, not so much. Well, that was NOT the case here...the bathroom was beautiful and very functional, roomy, and comfortable. It was thoroughly modern, but looked wonderfully vintage like the rest of the cottage...

It had a great garden tub as well as a separate shower...and more china plates!!!

...and lots of sweet details...

One last look at the cottage from the front door...
...and from the back looking out...

I hope you enjoyed the tour of Mia's Cottage at Tara Farms! I enjoyed myself all over again! Here's a peek at the back porch of the main 1880's era farmhouse that the owners completely remodeled and where they currently live (next door to the cottage which is situated to insure privacy). 
You can get an idea of the gorgeous terraced's a really beautiful place!

But here's the best part of the whole special birthday weekend... sweet, cute Hubby that made the whole thing possible!
Thank you for an unforgettable birthday!!
Love you Sweetie!!


Next up: Shopping at Round Top! I hope you'll stop by again to see all the fun junk!!


  1. Can I say I'm green with envy??? That is the cutest cottage, what a wonderful place to hide out for a couple of days. And that hubby of yours...he's a keeper!!!

  2. Very sneaky woman, sneaking in a picture of John right at the last minute, lol!

    (Extra sneaky points to Becky :)

    Glad I grabbed that cup of coffee like you mentioned and *extra* glad you took lots of pictures. That place is wonderful!

    A few Bee Gees tunes blaring from the hidden speakers and it just might be heaven :)

  3. What a Dream!!! come true! How very exciting for you!!! Looks like a wonderful 50th birthday!!
    I hope the little package arrived!

  4. We have never stayed at a Bed & Breakfast but this one tempts me. It truly looks lovely and homey. Glad you had a wonderful time and am looking forward to Shopping at the Roundtop.

  5. Becky...How beautiful and cute is that place!?!?! Wow! I love the view of the small pecan orchard. And that cottage... how adorable! It sounds like you had a wonderful time... what an awesome gift from the hubs!

  6. If I could win the lottery and money was no object,this is exactly what I would have. It is a lot like the dream plan I've had in my head for years. I have collected all the cutsy things to fill every nook and cranny of something like this.I have planned the gardens filled with flowers and the winding walkways along our 5 acre plot of land.But it must remain as a vision in my head forever. The years have caught up with me, and with Pop's age,he has no interest in tackling such a project. This is truly a beautiful place. I admire the folks who have been able to achieve their dreams of building this magnificant place into a reality. I'll drop by their site to see what other wonderful projects they might have to share. Thanks, Becky for sharing this with us.

  7. Wow, thank you for showing us, no one could appreciate it more than us shabby, pink, rose, lovers! Yep, your hubby is the best!!! He sure knows you!


  8. Wow...a place that could not have been any better suited!!! Glad you had a restful, happy weekend!

  9. What a darling, romantic cottage! I am in love with the hutch made into a mini kitchen. Isn't that the most awesome idea!?

  10. What a truly lovely spot and darling cottage. Looks like you had a marvelous time. I would have a hard time leaving! Thanks for coming by and leaving your beautiful comment and well wishes!


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