Sunday, November 07, 2010

Sleepless in Winnie

Since there seems to be a "free" hour tonight, and I can't sleep anyway, I thought I'd take a moment to finally take down the trick or treat post and give you a quick update on how it's going at the Flea Market at Winnie...

Well, it's been a mixed bag. It's been wonderful to meet so many very nice people - lovely vendors and sweet new customers....but it's been one of the most utterly exhausting things I've ever done.  We've been very busy - sales have been very brisk, the booth has stayed full of people, feedback has been wonderful...but it still seems like we've hardly put a dent in our stock and we've really only made enough so far to cover all our expenses, which although I am very grateful for, breaking even is not quite what I had in mind. Our booth looks great (yes I have photos, but they are still in my camera and I don't have the strength to retieve them just yet...soon, I promise), but the amount of work it took to make it look good hardly seems worth it in the end...especially with the prospect of tearing it all down tomorrow (anybody want to come help...?)

As I read this back, it sounds really depressing, but it's actually been a very good experience...even really fun many times. I'm just not sure if we're going to EVER do it again  :o) Tomorrow (oh, that's today already) is going to be a busy one with all the tear down and repacking, but it's also going to be a great day for bargain hunters at our booth because I'm almost ready to pay people to take this stuff home so I don't have to haul it back to our place...

So, that's how it's been so far - mixed, but I am stil glad that we did it. I don't know what our next steps may be as far as this venture goes (it's probably not wise to make any major decisions at 3:00 in the morning), but I know the Lord directs our steps and we will end up exactly where He wants us...

Thanks for coming along for the ride!


  1. Ah dear friend, it brings back memories of the craft shows I did when the girls were little. All that hauling and setting up. It can be profitable but so much depends on the weather, what else is going on in the community, etc. It can be great or you may do it for nothing. I'm telling you, etsy is the way to go. No hauling, just drop it in a box and ship it out. Praying that you have a super day today!

  2. I too did craft shows & found it to be a learning experience & great way to network. It wasn't anything more than that & I did high end shows to church bazaars. So don't get dissappointed & discouraged, you need to see the positive in what happened at these shows and work with it...Not Against. You are great at what you do and there are many other reasons why people do not make purchases. this isn't exactly a good economy either :( I'll pop-in again to se more, Keep your head up and let those ideas come marching in!

  3. Thanks so much for sharing! Very interesting. When it comes to craft shows and I suppose flea markets, you win some and lose some. We have done well with craft shows in this part of the country. I'm able to make enough money to keep my hobbies going plus a little extra to spend on whatever. We're not trying to make a living with it. We have made so many friends too which is worth it. You have to find what works best for you that is for sure. One thing I know is that your stuff is awesome!

  4. Becky, I hear my own voice ringing in my ears as I read your comments. I felt the same way after having a booth for a short while. I basically gave my pretty things away, and had to pay the rent on the booth, too. Been there and done that. There's got to be a better way. I find it's much more satisfying to make beautiful things and give them to friends and family, in hopes they will enjoy having them as much as you did making them.

  5. Hi Becky,
    It's good that you did it and now you can decide if you want to do it again. I did a craft show once with my cards and altered paper goodies...key word, "ONCE"! I had to try it and glad I did :)
    I'll come help!!!
    Maybe you should try a selling blog or etsy thing...
    deb :)

  6. You are so right about not making decisions at 3:00 a.m. Wait a couple of weeks, assess the pros and cons and then make a decision. That is the hardest thing about art...there is no price tag on the creative process. I'm sure it was all beautiful, can't wait to see the pictures.

  7. I was just at a huge arts and craft show today in Orlando. It is so tempting as the show was jammed and the weather was perfect. I just stop when I think of my aching back(When I would finish) I just think it is more lugging and schlepping than i care to do. I think you are so lucky that even if you never do it again, you have tried it. I think I am always going to wonder. Let us know!


  8. WOW! Looks like you've been busy since last I visited! Congratulations on all of your wonderful projects!


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