Tuesday, May 12, 2009

31 Days - Day 3: Illustration Friday - Parade

"The Barnyard Parade"

I had a variety of images parading around in my mind this week for Illustration Friday's topic "Parade", but ended up choosing some fun parading barnyard critters. No telling why they're in such a festive mood...perhaps the farmer is away for the weekend...?
Anyway, I was happy to be able to tie in a verse from Proverbs Chapter 3, which fits perfectly for day 3 of my 31 Day Challenge. Today I read chapter 3 and this is the verse that jumped out at me and brought everything into focus:
Goodness, how many times have I needed to know which path to take...it's such good counsel and such a comforting thought to seek God's will and not my own...to base my choices on faith and not fear...to know that He always has something more incredible in mind for me than I could ever dream up on my own! I can parade down that path with my head held high, in full confidence that He is behind me, cheering and guiding me all the way!


If you've come here from Illustration Friday and you're wondering what the 31 Day Challenge & Giveaway is, you can read about it here in detail. In short, I am hosting a 31 day countdown to Just Bee 'n Me's 4th Birthday on June 9th. I am reading a chapter of Proverbs each day and posting a favorite verse from the daily reading on the blog...and I am tying it in with my regular blog posts as well as I can...like today. In conjunction with the Challenge, I am having a fabulous giveaway of artwork, handmade pretties, and lots of fun stuff (I'll share a sneak peek of the prizes on Friday)...any comment you leave here or on any of my posts until June 9th automatically enters you in the contest...posting about the giveaway on your blog doubles your chances to win! I hope you'll leave a comment and play along! Thanks so much for stopping by...see you tomorrow for insight from Proverbs Chapter 4!!


  1. Oh I love this! So happy and fun! Beautiful colors and lovely sky. I love your work!

  2. Anonymous1:00 PM

    Love the illustration! Simply adore the pig with the bandana - he's one classy porker.
    And Prov. 3:5-6 will always be dear to me, as it was mom's favorite scripture. She couldn't understand everything that she was going through, but she was trusting God. Even to her last days, she would try to quote it from her fading memory. Thank God it was forever etched on her heart.
    Love you!

  3. Thanks SO much for adding me to your blog roll! I am honored! You have such a beautiful and inspiring blog.

  4. Hi Becky,
    That is a very sweet photo of you and your mom:)
    I'd love to join in for your blog birthday giveaway. It sounds so fun and it would be great to win some of your artwork. I did a women's Bible study on Proverbs 31 a FEW years ago where I learned so much.
    Deb :)

  5. Very nice illustration of the barnyard animals!! You have a very positive and warm blog and it shows through your illustration style as well! Wonderful!!

  6. This farm is adorable!!! What lovely animals, I love the colors and expressions!!

  7. This farm is adorable!!! What lovely animals, I love the colors and expressions!!


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