Sunday, March 29, 2009

Mobile Home Master Bedroom Makeover!

Extreme Makeover: Mobile Home Edition continues - now with photos from the master bedroom...
This 1982 mobile home had 2 kinds of walls - wood paneling and printed vinyl-coated wallboard. The master bedroom had the dubious distinction of being the one room in the house that was all vinyl wallboard...yuk. I told you already that throughout this process, Kilz brand latex primer and I became great friends, and this was nowhere more true than in the master...

It took a full 3 coats of Kilz...4 in some cover it all. My original plan was to paint this room a soft robin egg blue (like I wrote about here when I wanted to do that in my former home), but time got the better of me, and really, because it is a small room, the white ended up being just fine...

(sorry for the photo was a rainy day and I had to use the overhead light because I hate using a any photo to enlarge)

It was particularly satisfying to get this room decorated...there's just something about your personal nest space being as cozy and sweet as possible. The quilt on the bed was a particularly great garage sale score at just $2.00!

Here's a close up of the lovely vinyl wallboard pattern, and the rather icky "mobile-homely" window...

I was thrilled to find the PERFECT window toppers at a junk store half-buried in a pile of linens. I first spotted the sweet morning glory print (I heart morning glories a LOT)...and I thought it looked like Waverly fabric...I pulled it out and puzzled over it for a second. The I realized that it was a handmade valance, sporting the cute morning glory print and a precious coordinating yellow and blue stripe. I had never seen one quite like it, and after a bit of turning and twisting, I finally figured out how it would hang...oh how cute...and how perfect for the bedroom...if only there were two...wait...look...there's another one just like it...and they were only $5.00 for the pair!! I never once questioned whether they would fit - I KNEW they were meant for our bedroom...and sure enough...

I LOVE how they look with the garage sale blue china plates I found last year...I got 8 plates, with plate hangers, for $5.00! I had been saving them for just the right spot...and now they're there...

I found this oval morning glory plate at a flea market several years ago in Colorado, and it too has been waiting for just the right spot to settle in...and it's happy hanging right above the door to the master bath...

I have my jewelry box sitting atop our thrifted dresser...a tiny white-on-white embroidered linen table scarf with a pair of sweet ceramic birdies top the box, and the cutest little handmade butterfly tag (part of a wonderful giveaway I won from Diane...I will finally share about that soon) complete that tiny vignette. I am still planning what will go on the wall above the dresser. Once I figure that one out, I'll be sure and share...

One of my favorites in the room is this cute yellow dresser and hutch. (garage sale find...$10.00!) I wanted to pull in a touch of yellow with all the blue and white and this worked out just right. This piece had been in storage since I closed down our booth at the antique store last fall, and I couldn't be happier to invite it home to provide some much needed storage and a bit of childlike is, I'm quite sure, from a little girl's room somewhere...

I topped it off with a garage sale freebie - the little hydrangea garland, and a big creamy white pitcher (garage sale - $2.00) that I filled with silk blue hydrangeas that my Mom was getting rid of. I wish they were real hydrangeas, but these will do just fine and will last for as long as I need them...

I'm thinking that my calendar design from May 2008 would work well as a framed print in the reckon?

Yep - "JOY" pretty much sums up the feeling I get in the master bedroom now!
Thanks for tagging along for that little tour. This week I am tackling the no-sew project I mentioned here...I hope to have it finished very soon! I'll also be sharing about the garage sale I had this weekend, my birthday activities, and the cool stuff I raided from my own storage building...I hope you'll stop by for a peek!


  1. It looks fabulous... I love your little yellow hutch! I am also a hydrangea lover and love what you have done. Your plate collection is adorable too! It's always so satisfying to have it all pulled together and have it look like you spent a fortune! Great Job, Becky!

    Warm Hugs...
    Suzanne @

  2. You did a fantastic job in there, Kim and I are very familiar with the kilz brand. We have both the latex and the oil based on hand. I saw that they have tinted versions too.

  3. It's gorgeous! What an amazing transformation~ can't believe it's the same room.

    Okay, we have to get out there asap for a boots-on-the-ground look-see :)

  4. Just stumbled on your blog. Oh, you did such a beautiful job on your bedroom! You must have been so happy to wake up there!
    Nita in South Carolina

  5. Becky, you have done an amazing transformation. Your bedroom is just beautiful. Everything coordinates so beautifully. Another standing O for you!!!

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  9. Anonymous8:51 AM

    I was searching for mobile home master bedroom ideas and came across Just Bee N me! I'm glad I did you have inspired me to decorate my daughters bedroom in this theme! I can't wait to get started I'm thinking about incorporating toile ! I'm so excited! Thanks so much for sharing you have made my day! J from MS

  10. Excellent work. The plates are a nice touch. :)

  11. Anonymous1:26 AM

    Wow and thank you! We just purchased a mobile home and love the style; all but the master bedroom. The home is all oak with more tans and antique ivory wallpaper, etc. Only two small windows in the master with tan walls and a very strange white and burgandy tile (someone did this on purpose!) made it look dark and the only room that we didn't like at all. Wanted light and romantic; searched and found very little to help for mobile homes specifically. I saw your room and fell head over heals. I have no creativity whatsoever while you are blessed with abundance (smile). It is exactly the style I am looking for. Thank you so much for sharing this. Getting started ASAP! Any ideas how to do a master bath with the same horrible colors (smile)? Plates and quilt combination ingenious and so warm. Goodwill and Salvation Army; here I come.


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