Friday, January 25, 2008

Well, on this past Wednesday, 7 months to the day after I officially became "Becky Schultea", I finally launched my new portfolio website:! The banner above is new (made to coordinate with the Just Bee 'n Me banner) and the whole site is fresh and new with lots of new art in the portfolio section, and an "About Becky" section which I did not have before.'s sooo good to get this done!

I always appreciate you guys coming by - warms my heart every time!! Thank you SO MUCH!! There's lots more planned for the blog over the next few days and weeks - here's a preview:

  • Reveal my 10,000th Just Bee 'n Me visitor (actually the site that referred them). I'm surprising them with a Calendar!! (ps, I've only been tracking site visitors since August '07 - I wish I had stats going back much farther - oh well, this is still a fun milestone to celebrate)

  • Unveil New Blog Award: I'm going to start a new blog award (the name of the award is a surprise) and reveal the award criteria, the image, and the first 5 recipients - fun!!

  • Share Brand New Blog Buddies: I LOVE finding new blogging buddies and I want to establish a regular day each week to formally introduce you to some of my new pals who are sure to inspire and delight you too!

  • Way-Back Wednesdays: It'll be nostalgia time around here on Wednesdays - whether it's vintage family photos, retro greeting cards, my old report cards, flashback-fashions, scans of my old artwork, or whatever I can pull out of the way-back machine that I think will be interesting. I'll also be inviting you to play along so we can lament the loss of innocence or laugh at the ludicrous looks of yesterday together.

  • Road Trip to Canton! Hubby and I and sweet little Maddie are heading up the road to "First Monday Trade Days" in Canton Texas next weekend - I'm SO EXCITED!! It's one of the largest Flea Markets in the nation and has everything you can possibly imagine for sale. I am looking forward to picking up some vintage goodies, but more importantly, I'll be trend-watching to get a good read on 2008 colors, styles and other ideas. Yeah!! I'll have lots of photos to share!!

  • Much, much more...

I hope you'll visit regularly, hang around for a while, and leave encouragements from time to time - I appreciate y'all more than you'll ever know! And by the way, I will be making the rounds to your blogs more regularly and leaving encouragements more often, I promise. I miss it when I don't regularly know what's happening in your neck of the woods...

Ain't the Internet grand?


  1. Yes it is wonderful! Sounds like lots of fun:>) Cant wait to see the things you have to share!

  2. I am so in love with your greeting cards.

  3. Marge7:49 PM

    Congratulations on getting your website up Becky! I'm still working on mine.Your new puppy is so cute...I can't stand it! (LOL!)

  4. Becky, I always enjoy my visit to your blog and now I am exicted about all you have on the way. Have fun in Canton. I will be going when it warms up some!

    La Rea Rose

  5. Anonymous6:15 PM

    Becky, I am looking forward to all the new changes. Change is good!!
    I remember when my sister and I were little and we got to rearrange our bedroom. That was so cool!! I like that kind of change. Such great memories for me!!

  6. Looking foward to all your changes! I am enjoying your calendar!! Love, Esther

  7. Congrats on that new website - I know that is a serious labor of love.

  8. Oh !! I want to go to canton !! Can I, Can I ?? lol Congratulations on all of your new Blessings !! :)


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