Thursday, January 10, 2008

Illustration Friday: 100%

(click image to see detail)

Well, I am very happy to be back participating in Illustration Friday after a lengthy hiatus while I finished my 2008 Calendar (it's finally done, yay!!). I'm just getting this one in under the wire, but I had the idea and wanted to see it through. This was a fun topic - one that made you go "hmmm". I settled upon the 100% Texan theme as I'm reflecting on the 2 year anniversary of my return to my home state after living 8 years in Colorado. I LOVED Colorado and miss it there - particularly the climate and my friends, BUT, as Dorothy says "there's no place like home", and I wanted to celebrate that just a bit with this silly little salute to the Lone Star State. Enjoy!

And if any of y'all are ever in Texas, be sure and drop by and say "howdy", ya hear!! :o)


  1. great job, nice illustration!
    keep the good work.

  2. Bonita ilustración
    Sabes que la bandera de Texas es muy parecida a la de mi país Chile.
    Saludos desde Sudamérica...

  3. Very cute Becky :o) I'm glad you are back!!!
    Love the armadillo :o)

  4. I've been to Texas a few times and I'm convinced that Texans are THE most polite and friendly people!!! Californians, take note!!!

    Great work, Becky! Your calendar is terrific too!

  5. I love it, of course! I am anxiously awaiting your calender! Love, Esther

  6. HOWDY and welcome home! I live in Dallas area. I've been to the Woodland's area many times - it's lovely there. I, too, just finished a calendar and it was sooooo much more difficult to design than I ever dreamed it would be. Didn't you think so? We should start NOW for next year! Beautiful Blog; Beautiful work; Blessed Calendar! Glad I found you neighbor.

  7. This is great!
    Good color palette and I love the bandana on the armadillo :)

  8. My calendar arrived the other day, Becky, and I just love it. You are as equally talented as you are sweet.


  9. Anonymous1:32 PM

    Hey Twinks-
    I finally made the time to browse thru your latest stuff. It's great. Anything with an armadillo is AOK in my book. Keep it up!
    And may I say, your new pup is too cute!!
    Will be in touch. HUGS!
    Your Loveland Fluffy

  10. I agree with Lallee, talented and sweet! That is you Becky!

    Happy Day!


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