Saturday, May 15, 2010

50 by Fifty: Familiar Territory

Yep, I've been here before - a bit stuck, a tad discouraged. No gain, no loss...exact same weight as last week. It's been 7 weeks, and I'm at 7.1 pounds lost. I know that is right on track for one pound per week for a year, but it still feels like I'm not really progressing...

I'm OK though...I'm not beating myself up or anything. I understand this part of the journey pretty well. It's where the mental game gets a bit harder for's the point where old habits begin to sneak in here and there. The good news is, I am still painstakingly journaling every single thing I eat. And that has been so very helpful. That's how I spot the old habits...a few more sweets or snacks...a few less veggies and lean proteins...more eating out. Thankfully I can see it clearly...hopefully I can make the necessary changes...
I'm keeping this short this week as I am heading out soon for a full day of family activities. I'll share photos soon from our big family crawfish boil this afternoon...should be a blast! I'll be bringing some "sensible goodies" for myself so I won't be waylayed by all the not-so-healthy choices we'll have there (although boiled crawfish are not too bad points-wise...too bad I don't really like brothers think I'm adopted because I don't eat them!) The main focus for me will be family, not food...which is always the best attitude anyway!
Hope you have a wonderful weekend, sprinkled with family fun, creative endeavors, gardening adventures, bargain hunting, quiet reflection, glorious worship! Thanks as always for stopping by and saying hi - I love it when our paths cross in Blogland!

Also...a shout out to my yournger brother Dave - it's his birthday today, though ironically he won't be at our gathering - he's the head track coach at a local University and they have a track meet out of town today. Good luck at the meet Dave and Happy Birthday sweet brother - I love you so much!

"Why am I discouraged?
Why is my heart so sad?
I will put my hope in God!
I will praise him again,
my Savior and my God!"
Psalm 42:11


  1. Dear Becky,
    You are such an inspiration to all. Congrats on your loss so far. What an accomplishment!!I think when losing weight the body reaches a still point of sorts, but suddenly things take off again and the pounds drop off. Keep doing what you are doing with the food choices and journaling. What a great attitude you carry. God has truly blessed you my friend.

    Have a wonderful, fun and safe day at your family gathering. Prayers for your journey and see you again soon.
    Love to you, Celestina Marie

  2. Hi Becky,
    I stayed the same this week...however...I did workout twice and today will be mowing the yard and pulling weeds...I'm SURE that counts for exercise! You are doing GREAT!!
    Have a great family day. I haven't eaten crawfish...
    Warmly, Deb :)

  3. Anonymous1:12 PM

    It's just a plateau. Our bodies do that. Just keep doing what you're doing. you will start losing weight again. You will go through many of these before you've reached your goal. Call it a rest stop for your body.

  4. Oh how I HATE those plateaus, which is a very nice name for being stuck. You know it will soon break, but in the meantime it's awfully hard to stay focused. Hang in there. 7.1 pounds in 7 weeks is very, very good, as I'm sure you know. Your body thinks you're gonna quit, so it's hanging tight. You just hang tighter.

  5. your on the right track. you can do it!

  6. I really enjoy your art work!

    Thank you for sharing it with all of us.


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