Thursday, October 01, 2009

Checking In - Setting Up - Falling Asleep

Hello friends! I just wanted to take a moment before I fall into bed to update you on our new space at Whispering Willow Gifts & Antiques. But before that, I wanted to say a quick hello to all of the new folks that stopped by and left comments on my post about the studio...I have been able to visit a few of you, but I have several more to visit over the next couple of guys are awesome and so sweet and I am very much so looking forward to hanging out at your blogs, looking around, and leaving comments!! Thank you for your patience!

On what HAS to have been one of the most HUMID days ever (yuk), Sweet Hubby and I got all the big pieces moved into our space at the shop this morning, then I returned later with all the "smalls" and my Mom came up and helped with the set up. There is still quite a bit to do, but we did make fairly good headway. I am on the schedule to work the shop tomorrow (I have to work 3 days a month as part of my space rent), and I plan to do more arranging and pricing, etc, between customers. My biggest problem, believe it or not, is not having enough stuff, especially wall stuff. I HAVE to spend the next few days crafting  and repurposing, etc in order to get more pieces to add to the mix...but hey, that's why I have a studio! :o)

I'm very excited about the shop, but I am really exhausted physically and mentally. I'm looking forward to a few days of somewhat less stress. We went full force on the studio all summer, then went right into preparing for the shop, and there just hasn't been a break in ages...

I will take photos tomorrow of what we have finished at the shop so far, and will update again when we do more fill-in early next week too. Thanks for your continued understanding as my posting and blog visiting remain sparse...whatever "normal" is, I hope to return to it very soon!!

Thanks y'all!!


  1. Becky!!!!!!!!!
    I LOVE YOUR STUDIO!!!!!!!!!!
    What a wonderful job you and hubby did. It looks like a great place to create :)
    I also can't WAIT to see your space at the antique shop. It looks like a great place to shop, just from the outside picture.
    Happy selling!!
    Deb :)

  2. that is so great! how sweet of your husband and mom to help out. what great memories! take care.


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