Saturday, September 26, 2009

Studio Sneak Peek

Thanks Maddie for being a guest columnist this week - I assure you, life is just about to be back to "normal" around here. The studio is complete and your Daddy and I have begun the preparations for the opening of our boutique space at Whispering Willow this Thursday!!  It has been an incredibly busy few weeks and you have been a very patient little pup! (and YOU have been a very patient little reader!!) Thank you!!

I am going to do a full studio reveal tomorrow night/Monday morning for Susan's Metamorphosis Monday with TONS of photos, but I just couldn't wait one minute longer to show you just a hint of how the studio turned is SUCH a fun room...I couldn't be happier!!!!

(I'll keep commentary to a minimum so I can get this up quickly...)

We now have a place for all the fun supplies and projects-in-waiting...

...and lots of personal touches that make me smile and keep me inspired...

Much, much more to come in the full reveal - I hope you will stop by again late tomorrow/early Monday morning to see it all!!!  Thank you so much for coming along this fun journey with's been a long road, but the experience has been SO worth it!!

Hugs & Blessings to all of you!!!

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