Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Mom and Her Dumb Studio (a guest post by Maddie)

Hi, this is Maddie, and since my Mommy is busy AGAIN in her studio, I thought I'd better step in and let you know what she's up to...

She's busy every single day morning until night doing something called "organizing" and something called "decorating" in her dumb studio. All I know is she is no fun when she is doing those things...sure she plays with me sometimes, but not nearly enough for me....  She seems to prefer playing in that room of hers. :o(

I'm just waiting for this whole studio thing to be over so we can get back to normal....

I hope you're not getting too sick of waiting, although I sure couldn't blame you...I know just how you feel...

Mom told me that the wait wouldn't be much longer...maybe just one more day...she said she "promises"...I've heard that before!! There is one glimmer of hope today though...she brought the camera over to the studio, and she usually has the camera out when something good is about to happen...

We'll see...

Meanwhile, please don't give up...maybe our long wait is about to be over. I sure hope so...

Thanks for stopping by!

Love and doggie kisses,


  1. Anonymous8:58 AM

    Dear Maddie,
    I too am missing your Mom and you. I would love to play with you and spend time with your mom. You are too cute and I hope to see you both SOON....Love Grandma

  2. Poor Maddie, I'm sure the wait will be worth it:>)

  3. Maddie, we hear you! Hurry up Mom!

  4. maddie i think you are so adorable :) your mom is so blessed to have you not only cause you are soooo adorable, but because you are being so good while she is working in her "dumb studio" (maddie's words). im sure she will have a special treat for you when she is done.
    P.s. this is my first letter to a dog. this is not something i do, but she is so cute i could not resist :)

  5. Hi Maddie,
    You and my "boy's" feel the same way...I've been a little too busy and the "boy's" are feeling sad..they wish things would slow down here.

  6. Maddie, I'm very glad to meet you. My name is Gingerbelle (don't have an appropriate photo to post right now). But, I understand. My mom had been acted very strange for a whole week!!! Something she called isolation because of some sort of weird medicine she had to take - think it was called radioactive iodine! She wouldn't let me sit in her lap and every time I jumped up on the couch to lay with her, she would just push me away. Of course, she fed me and cleaned my litter box, but I wasn't getting the petting and neck massages that that every cat needs and deserves daily. Well, long story short, my mom is back to normal now and I'm getting more love than ever. Mom says thet I'm a special cat because she knew that I was aware that she wasn't feeling well after taking that medicine and I wanted to be with her so very much. Don't worry, Maddie! And try to be understanding. Your mom will be back better than ever soon!! Very, very soon!!:!P


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