Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Technical Difficulties (CAUTION: Rant Alert)

Ever get the feeling that you are supposed to just unplug and get away from technology for a while...? I'm starting to get that feeling I think. The last few days have

First of all, I cannot get certain image files to behave on what was to be my latest clip art kit for my Digital Boutique...and it is going to be so cute y'all, but I can't proceed until I get the problem resolved.

SO, I stepped away from that project, and thought to myself, "OK, I guess I can share the latest photos of the studio progress, plus a picture of an upcoming craft project." WRONG! - I can't for the life of me find the cord that I use to hook up between my camera and the computer to download the photos. RATS!

Once I stepped away from the clip art and the photos, I was convinced that I needed to concentrate on something that has been on my heart for quite some time...and I have...for the last several days, I have worked on and completed my first "e-Devotional" called "The Princess Principles." It's basically an article/devotional that I wrote several years ago put into PowerPoint format. I had a lot of fun designing/creating the backgrounds and the cover art and putting it all together with the text. Once I was done, I converted the PowerPoint to a video using an cool free online service I found - that way I would easily be able to share it here and on YouTube. Alas, the video conversion had, you guessed it, technical difficulties! ARGH! The fonts that I used all came out wrong on the video version so that the text is too large on most of the slides and makes it very hard to read. HELP!

SO, like I said, I think I just need to unplug for a day or two. But in the meantime, I will share with you the cover art for the e-Devotional...

I believe I know a fairly simple way to fix the fonts that won't take too much re-working, and I sincerely hope to have it re-uploaded and ready to show you sometime tomorrow or early Friday....

After that we really are unplugging and Friday afternoon we will take the long, long journey to the far Southwest side of Houston for A Phillips, Craig, & Dean concert - Christy Nockels of Watermark will be there too!! I'm excited!! Because it's a really long drive (I'm not exaggerating), we decided to get a hotel room near the concert venue and spend the night Friday night. I'm really looking forward to a bit of a break, and sweet hubby really needs a break from the Studio work too... Ahhhh, sounds like bliss to me...

Now if we can just manage to not have car trouble... ;o)


  1. Have a great time at the concert Becky! Sorry about the frustrating problems you are having with technology, but I'm sure after a break and some fun time yu will solve the problems with no trouble:>)


  2. i only had a little bit of time to look at the devotional, but what i did see was very encouraging:) thank you


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