Thursday, October 16, 2008

Back Home, Back to Normal, and Back to Business!'s so good to be so many ways. We're back from our Birthday Extravaganza mini-vacation to Central Texas (fabulous!), back to normal (pretty much) after the hurricane, and back to business with all things illustration-related and blog-related (finally!). The month of September was a blur and October is already half over, so it's about time!!
Here's a little pictoral review of our my Baby's Birthday Extravaganza which included a small family gathering last Wednesday, his actual birthday. Now there's a man after my own heart...he's a chocolate-on-chocolate cake lover too - yum!
And, from the "you-never-know-what-you-might-find-at-a-garage-sale" department, we got a fabulous deal on an authentic Fender Stratocaster from a guitar collector with one too many - sweet! Great early birthday present for Sweetie! He's been wanting one for forever!

On Thursday we headed west to the sweet town of Fredericksburg in Central Texas - what a wonderful trip to a wonderful place!! The following photos are from in and around the awesome, rustic, pet-friendly, well-appointed, authentic log cabin that we called home for a couple of days (Cay Cay's Cabin) - we will definitely stay here again - it was so cozy and quaint and the owner was a doll - loved it!! Fredericksburg is famous for its numerous Bed and Breakfasts - you can hardly go wrong with any one of them...

I wish I had taken more photos of Fredericksburg itself - it is such a great old German settlement, nestled in the beautiful Central Texas Hill Country only about 70 miles from Austin. It is world renowned for its antiques, home decor, art, craft, and yummy food shopping... And, it is chock full of quaint old Texas limestone and Victorian-era homes in quiet neighborhoods If you ever have the chance to go, I highly recommend it!

This is just one of the bazillions of cute shops lining Main Street...

On Friday night we were treated to a fabulous show at the RockBox Theater - it was a Rock 'n Roll review show performed by an incredibly talented cast of singers/actors who have been together for 8 years and have made Fredericksburg their home. Their show rivaled anything I had seen in Branson, which is the closest thing I have to compare it to. John and I were laughing SO HARD during the many comedic touches throughout the show, and we were happily singing along with so many of our favorites anywhere from the 50's to the 80's. This is great CLEAN family-friendly fun and I highly recommend it!! Check out their hilarious spoof on Bohemian Rhapsody from YouTube (sorry, I had no luck actually embedding the video):

All in all it was a truly glorious trip - so much fun!! We can't wait to go again!!


BUT, we were SO GLAD to get home...back to normal, back to business... It's been a weird few weeks of upheaval and stress and it is just so nice to just feel normal again.

I will be back to hosting "Tea for Two-sday" next week where I will introduce two new creative, lovely ladies to each other and to all of you - such fun! I will also update you on just what happened to our little shop after the hurricane. Also, I am gearing up to launch the 2008 Merry-Making Christmas Gift Guide - and I HOPE you will all participate again, plus many more - it was a blast and it was so great to highlight the handmade goods of my sweet talented blog buddies with absolutely no charge to them! If you participated last year I will be sending you an invitation to participate again soon - if you did not participate but you would like to or you'd like to know more, please feel free to leave a comment or drop me an email (see my sidebar).'s SO good to be back....


  1. Anonymous6:57 AM

    Hi Becky! Thanks for visiting my blog and for asking if you can list mine on your favorites links! I'm happy to add yours to mine also.

    The B&B you stayed in is adorable! I've always wanted to visit two Fredericksburgs - the one in TX and the other in VA but haven't so far. Two very historical but in different ways.

    Good luck with your licensing. Universal is a great company - nice to hear you've been welcomed there.

    See you on our blogs! Welcome to mine again!

    Diane from Diane's Musings

  2. Thanks for sharing your trip, Becky! Looks like a wonderful birthday time was had!
    I LOVE Fredericksburg and it's a dream of mine to visit there someday. What a darling B&B you stayed at! The bathroom sink was fabulous!
    Here's to getting back into the swing of things for you!

  3. So great you are back home and well rested !! :) Looks like Hubby got spoiled . :) What a sweet little cottage, and nice little town. I would love to visit there. :) Hugs, :)

  4. Hi Becky, I am so glad you had a nice time in Fredericksburg. We love it there and have been many times. Always a wonderful trip and only about 4 hours from our home south. Your sweetheart must have really enjoyed his birthday and the cake looks like a dream. So happy you are getting back to normal from all the big events that you had to deal with over the last month or so.
    I look forward to participating again in the Christmas event.

    I hope you love your tea cups.
    Many thanks sweetie.
    Have a great weekend,
    Hugs, Celestina

  5. That chocolate cake is making me drool! YUMMY!! And what a lovely log cabin - looked like a great mini vacation!

  6. What a neat trip and a cute place to stay! Looks like my kind of trip. I will have to snoop around your blog some more. Hope you are having a great weekend.

  7. Hi Becky! So wonderful to read up on your journey to Fredericksburg! Beautiful photos and I love all of the old touches, especially that sink! Too cool! I have always wanted to go there - or even buy a little house there to hunker down in!

    Welcome back home!!


  8. Becky, you've had quite a month. I'm glad you are home and safe too. I still keep Texas in my prayers and recovery continues. A sky box for evacuation? LOL And I always eat junk food through the hurricanes. It really helps ;-)

  9. Hey Becky,

    I LOVe Fredrickburg! My Chris and I used to go there when we'd camp at Enchanted Rock as young marrieds. Such good memories!!

    Also, I just added you to my side bar. I have been trying to better organize my blog list, so I could better keep up with folks, without the "things to do" list that a reader would give me.

    I hope you are enjoying your cookbook! They look so beauiful because of your art!

  10. I was so glad you "stopped by"! I had looked rather hurriedlly at the pictures of your Fredricksburg trip, but I didn't have time to comment, so I completely understand!! But I must say the place ya'll stayed was precious!! So glad you are able to experience some "routine" - It's good, isn't it? Just to have normalcy! Ahhhh...

    Take care of you!

  11. I really enjoyed my visit to your blog. The pictures were great! I will be back soon, feel free to stop by and visit anytime!


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