Sunday, September 09, 2007

Illustration Friday: Momentum

(click images to see more detail)

Momentum can be pretty fun...but I guess it depends on your perspective...the person who had raked those leaves was not nearly so amused...

I did this using an autumn palette as a seed of faith that Fall will soon be here. I'm tiring of 90 degrees with 90% humidity in September - but such is life in Houston, Texas. I feel the momentum gaining toward a season change and I for one can hardly wait!

Legal Disclaimers:

Do not attempt this at home - this is a professional driver on a closed course.

Wear a helmet when doing just about anything remotely fun.

No children or animals, real or imagined, were injured in the making of this illustration.


  1. Very cute, and fun! I love the story boarding idea. Nice disclaimer. Ha!

  2. Really cute. Full of childhood joyful memories.

  3. Haha - great stuff!

  4. I really like your style, the drop shadow cut out look. Very cool.

  5. whee! I like the swirly action!! :-)

  6. Like cg said, the swirls definitely give the momentum momentum! As for waiting for fall in Houston...Well...It'll happen eventually, but not in September, one of the hottest months down thar!

  7. so fun!
    i was thinking what cg and paula, so i don't repeat.
    I really like the legal disclaimers! :)

  8. This is fun! I love all the detail you add to your work!

  9. I love the sequence of events and the whole movement of the illo. You can't help but feel like joining in the fun!
    Lovely fall colors and windy swirls. :-)

  10. There's great movement in this fun illio. Very nice!
    I appreciate the Legal Disclaimers. Way to go for responsible illustration. :P

  11. This is so lovely, a very happy picture, great movement.

  12. Great triptych (sp?)!


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