Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Way Back When-sday - Easter Memories!

I decided to bring back a blog feature that used to be so much fun - Way Back When-sday! That's where I take a particular year or even an era or a day from my past and post about it on Wednesday along with photos and images from that time. Since today is my Birthday, I thought it would be the perfect time to bring back the feature and do a little reminiscing...and since it's almost Easter, I thought I would concentrate on Easters/Bunnies from my past... (I've shared some of these before but it's been several years so I thought it was OK to share again...)

Here I am with my very well-worn loved bunny that I had since I was a baby - since my Birthday often falls near Easter, I always received bunny stuff as I've always had a thing for bunnies going way back...

Here I am acting silly with my shiny new replacement-bunny...I eventually wore it out too. (dig that stylin' black and silver couch we're sitting mid-century!)

An Easter classic - scratchy, stiff new dress, white hat, white shoes, huge chocolate bunny, huge basket full of goodies!

 And here's the whole family that year - very groovy, 1969...  My Mom was pregnant with my little brother who was due in May...

And here we are the next year (or maybe the next) when my little brother was a baby...and I was still sporting a scratchy dress and white shoes. We were standing in front of the Wyatt's Cafeteria in Pasadena Texas after church - we rarely ate out when I was a kid, but we went there occasionally on Sundays and special occasions...

Bunny Montage - from my bunnies past and present...

Eastertime Bunny illustration from 1995...

OK fast forward...a LOT. I got engaged to my sweet Hubby John on Easter Day - he put my engagement ring inside a plastic Easter egg along with a sweet note - so adorable...

Thanks for indulging my little bit of reminiscing. I love this sweet Spring time of the year - it's so lovely and full of promise...what are some of your favorite Easter memories??

I hope you enjoy every bit of this amazing celebration of the Resurrection of our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ! May He bless you with His unfailing love and unending joy!!


  1. Happy Birthday Becky! Easter is a very special day for you that is for sure. It is my favorite holiday too. Maybe because there isn't the stress involved like Christmas. But really my real reason is because Jesus died for ME (and you). Now isn't that wonderful!!

  2. Wonderful walk down memory lane that brought up my own memories. My mom always made our (sister's & mine) dresses. Scratchy net petticoats that were starched and spread out on the kitchen table overnight!
    Beckie in Brentwood, TN, who is more than a couple years older than you.

  3. Becky....What a GREAT feature. I love the idea of Whensday! It is great to see those old photos and the memories they evoke. Blessings xo Diana


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