Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Warm thoughts...

...for a COLD day...

A cup or two to warm you,
Precious hands to hold...

Bunny slippers on your feet
for when your toes are cold...

Lots of layers over you
when outside you must go...

And God's Love deep within your heart
warming others that you know.

May His Love warm you through and through today,
melting every cold thought and healing every hidden hurt...


  1. I'll take that cup to warm me Becky, It's cold and snowy here today. I'll be baking some rolls for the local homeless shelter later and that will warm up the kitchen nicely:>)

  2. how sweet of you. we don't have snow here in riverside, but it is a little i will take you up on your offer :) happy new year to you and yours.


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