Friday, April 10, 2009

Worth Repeating...

Blessed Good Friday to all of you dear friends!
Here is a link to a post I did last year on the Thursday before Resurrection Sunday - I thought it was worth repeating on this Holy Day of remembrance and sacrifice. I hope you'll take a moment today to reflect on the incredible Love that the mighty Creator of the Universe lavished upon us when He sacrificed His one and only Son to reconcile us to Himself for all eternity... Wow... If you don't feel loved today friend, you should consider what kind of Love that must have taken and let it just pour over you anew...
"For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life."
John 3:16
Just a quick update on what's new and what I'll be up to this weekend...
My sweet hubby's 2nd daughter Tanya and her wonderful family are on their way here from Louisiana for Easter weekend...we are so excited!! We will be going all together to the annual Schultea family Easter Sunday picnic...but sweet hubby won't be playing softball this year :o)
Also, the no-sew project is *finally* complete and up in the living room and hallway...and it it SO cute...LOVE how it all turned out...but alas, I won't be able to share photos until Sunday night or Monday...too much going on with company, etc...thanks for your patience! Be sure to check back...
Have a lovely,blessed Resurrection weekend with your family and friends!!


  1. I recently listened to an old sermon from Dr. Adrian Rogers who has since passed away. He described what scourging was and the effects that it had on our Lord and I truely understood the magnitude of the event once and for all. He described the contents of the cup that Jesus asked to be passed from him and that I finally understood also. I sat there and cried as I listened to it.

    If you care to, you can go to love worth finding or and somewhere there you can find the archives of his sermons. He was an amazing southern preacher from Memphis and he was one of the people that led me to Christ. He is missed greatly!

    I hope you have a blessed Easter weekend!

    Love in Christ

    Tim and Kim

  2. Hi Sweet Becky, I love your post and the true meaning of Easter it represents. Sounds like you have a fun weekend planned with family and that is just wonderful.
    Looking forward to seeing your no sew project.

    If you have a moment, stop by for my 100th post giveaway.
    Happy Easter and blessings always,
    Celestina Marie

  3. Hello Becky! Love this sweet post and hope your Easter was a lovely one!



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