Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Illustration Friday: Depth

The depth of Daniel's convictions
got him into deep trouble with the king.
But a miracle kept Daniel safe,
the poor lions couldn't eat a thing.

Ok, a silly little poem to accompany this week's Illustration Friday design for "Depth". I couldn't help myself. This was a fun one to do, though it took me most of the week to finally get to it. To all those out there in need of a miracle, big or small, stick to your convictions and don't stop believing! The answer is closer than you think...

"Then you called out to GOD in your desperate condition;
he got you out in the nick of time."
Psalm 107:13 (The Message)


  1. Wonderful drawing... love your styles :)

    By the way, I can't help notice that you have comment spammers. Just to let you know, you can actually turn on the word verification under your setting tab to prevent the comment spam.

    I have been using it for a week... haven't get any spam so far.

  2. The message Psalm 107:13-have proven and tested to be the most effective in all of my own experiences in the past.

    This illustration is my latest favorite in all of your illustrations.

  3. Oh! I Love this!!!! It is truly wonderful! I just want to say that I truly appreciate all the times that you have taken to comment on my work! I love your work that you do and I always look forward to see what you come up with each week! ^_^

  4. I like the white silhouette effect and lions smiling of course !

  5. Becky,
    This is adorable I love it and the message that goes with it. thank you

  6. I love this! You always do wonderful, meaningful illustrations, but this one is especially meaningful to me. My son's name is Daniel, and he always loved hearing the story of Daniel in the lion's den. I'm going to send him a link to this...he'll enjoy it! Thanks again for making me smile with your beautiful visuals and inspiring quotes.

  7. I think it is cute. :)

  8. Anonymous10:00 AM

    There you are...I've been waiting to see what you would do for this topic. And you did good. I like the shades of green, and the smiling lions just rock!
    I don't know if my convictions have been as deep as Daniel's, but I know FOR SURE, that God has pulled me out of a pit...more than once. Psalm 18:19

  9. Becky, that'a a cute illo! I also love the message accompanying it. I'll sure to remember the pic & message should I be stuck in a pit.

  10. Anonymous5:53 PM

    Amazing! I stand in awe of the opportunities God gives you to share His love and His powerful message. Of course, I absolutely love your illos but the words behind the drawings make it rich and full!
    Your biggest fan beside your Mom!


  11. Very sweet and uplifting...his feet look like peace signs!

  12. I really like the way you covered both literal and spiritual meanings of "Depth" here. This is really cute and all round excellent composition - the colours, the way the shapes are arranged and put together, etc. The Biblical stories with animals are always popular with children!

  13. Becky, I'm running out of compliments for you. How can I keep up? Everything you create is great! This new illustration is perfect.

    All the best,

  14. Becky, I always enjoy your art. It has depth in more ways than one.

  15. Just wonderful, message and art, totally inspiring.


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